Cute Air Fresheners

Cute Air Fresheners

Cute air fresheners bring a smile to your face and make the room or car smell great. Choose from plug-ins, hanging clips or sprays to keep your home or car smelling clean and fresh. Some are made with natural ingredients while others contain synthetic fragrances. Be sure to keep any plug-in or hang-on air freshener out of reach from children and pets.

Little Joe & Little Dog

Little Joe is a cute air freshener for your car that comes in an array of different colors and scents. He has a “snap-in” clip that easily fits in automotive AC vent blades to distribute fragrance evenly throughout the cabin. Its alcohol-free Ocean Splash scent powers through unpleasant odors and refreshes the interior for over 45 days. It was designed and produced in Italy in collaboration with some of the world’s best fragrance houses. It is made with non-hazardous, non-toxic plastic and contains long lasting fragrance oils that will keep your car smelling nice and clean.

Meet his friend Cowboy Joe, a 3D character who will become one of your top sellers at your auto wash. This freestanding, green cute air fresheners tea scented clip-on auto air freshener is sure to be a hit with customers. It clips directly onto a car air vent to circulate its refreshing fragrance, which lasts up to 45 days.


Founded by brother and sister team Sean and Sara Panton, Vitruvi believes that air products should be safe for you and the planet. Their collection includes essential oils and diffusers that are free of fillers, diluting agents and synthetic fragrances. They also are against animal testing and use only ethically sourced and sustainable ingredients.

The Move diffuser is a seven-inch tall cylinder that you can either leave on its charging base or take with you as you go about your home. It can run for four hours on a single charge and emits a scented mist that covers about 500 square feet. There’s a light at the bottom that provides a candle-like glow while it’s running.

For a more portable option, the brand also offers its Stone diffuser, which comes with three timer settings that allow you to choose between six-, 12- and 18-hour run times. Like the Move, it’s powered by a cord and equips an LED light that provides a soft, candle-like glow. Both the Stone and the Move have a water reservoir that holds two ounces of water spiked with a few drops of oil.

Little Trees

Car-Freshner Little Trees (aka Magic Trees) were invented in 1952, and they are a worldwide symbol of freshness and quality. They are the global leader in automotive air fresheners, and they also come in a variety of other fragrances for home use. Rigorous testing and high standards ensure a premium fragrance experience.

Some of the best feminine Little Trees scents are Vanillaroma and Black Ice. However, what one person considers to be a great cute air fresheners scent may not appeal to another person, as fragrance preferences can vary based on culture and individuality. The slim carded air fresheners fit nicely over rearview mirrors.


These little critters are easy to find and make great gifts. They clip to the air vent and emit a light scent as you drive. The scent does fade, however, as the amount of air it absorbs decreases. They come in a variety of colors and shapes and have a string for hanging on the back of the car seat.

Chemical Guys Signature Scent air freshener is an inexpensive and effective alternative to many more expensive options. It has a pleasant and unique smell that some reviewers have compared to Ramune, a popular Japanese soft drink. It also has active odor eliminators that do more than just cover up a foul smell, but eliminate it completely.

Most cute air fresheners are made of scented wood chips or paper saturated with a fragranced oil. Many use natural oils and a few are even derived from essentials, but you can also find many that contain only synthetic fragrances. When choosing an air freshener, look for scents that appeal to most people and stay away from overpowering fruity or floral scents.