BRIDE Blue Shoulder Strap Backpack Review

BRIDE Blue Shoulder Strap Backpack Review

The breathable mesh side pockets are a great place to stash things you want to get to quickly without opening the backpack. These are useful for items like a trail map, filters or a spare camera battery.

A sternum strap that can be adjusted by height and length allows the pack to be fitted properly to your unique chest shape. This will help you avoid the pain that comes from a poorly fitted pack.


The backpack’s shoulder straps are padded and comfortable. It also features a large main compartment and a front pocket for extra storage. The main compartment is also water resistant. The front zippered pocket is great for travel documents and keys. The backpack is very lightweight and has a convenient carry handle.

The hydration bladder clip is an excellent feature. It allows you to attach a hydration reservoir to the pack and keeps it securely attached to your body. This is especially useful for backpacking and hiking trips where you need to have quick access to your water. This makes it a perfect backpack for any outdoor adventure.

A great sternum strap is one of the most important parts of a good backpack. It needs to be adjustable so you can properly fit it around your chest. It should also be easy to adjust, both in terms of height and vertical positioning up and down the straps.

The BRIDE JDM Racing Backpack is the perfect accessory for school and college-goers who have a passion for modified cars and the JDM lifestyle. It’s the perfect blend of function and style, featuring vibrant racing harness shoulder straps in a Blue shoulder strap backpack wholesale variety of colors to suit your style. It’s sure to get you noticed!


This backpack is a great size for everyday use and weekend trips. It has a lot of pocket space and the zippers are all made of durable material. The main compartment can store a laptop, notebooks, a water bottle, keys and other small items. There is also a zipped anti-theft pocket on the back of the bag for your valuables.

The top of the bag is secured with the racing seat belt cover MagLatch, which is a magnetic hook that clasps onto any one of four rungs that act as lock points. It can be used with the lid open or closed, which makes it easy to get things in and out of the pack. The handle is padded and has some nice stitching, which makes it comfortable to carry for long periods of time.

There are grab handles on both sides and across the top of the bag. The shoulder straps are incredibly comfortable, and the sternum strap has a layer of foam to keep it from pinching. The side panels open completely and have zippers on them, allowing you to swing the bag around to the front to access its contents.

The only downside to this bag is that the firmness of it means it needs to be stuffed a bit more thoughtfully than some other bags. It is also not as tall as some people may prefer, especially if they want to be able to comfortably fit an ice axe on the back of the bag.


The BRIDE JDM racing backpack is the perfect accessory for school or college students with a passion for modified cars and the JDM culture. The backpack features a vibrant racing harness shoulder strap design in an assortment of colors to match any personality. The straps are padded and sturdy to provide comfort and stability while wearing the backpack.

When shopping for a new backpack, make sure to feel the tension of the straps. They should be snug enough to keep the backpack secure but not tight enough to cut off circulation or cause strain on your back and shoulders. It is also important to double-check the fit by moving around a bit. If the straps move around on your back and shoulders, they are too loose and you need to tighten them up.

A zippered front pocket provides plenty of room for storing a 11.6” notebook, and a slip-in pocket with a touch-fastening tab is suitable for a tablet. A spacious main compartment is designed to carry a small mirrorless or DSLR camera with 1 or 2 lenses, speedlight, and accessories. The backpack is also equipped with a trolly strap that can be attached to luggage to provide hands-free transportation. The outer fabric is treated for water resistance, and a rain cover is included in case you encounter an unavoidable deluge.


Considering how well-built this backpack is, its price tag is very reasonable. It is available in a variety of colors and has several features that will make it a great choice for your next adventure. The main compartment can hold a small mirrorless or DSLR camera with 1 or 2 lenses, speedlight, and accessories. This backpack also has a small pocket on the front and back of the pack for things like keys, travel documents, or a passport.

The grab handles on both sides and across the top of the bag are very comfortable to use. They are padded with some type of foam, and they are very long (stretching across the whole side/top of the backpack) to accommodate different shoulder widths. Nashville Pack ships the webbing intentionally long so that customers can trim it to their specific needs.

One of the best features on this backpack is its easy-to-open MagLatch lid. It closes over the top of the backpack, and the magnetic hook clasps onto one of four rungs on the front of the pack. This is a very useful feature that is very hard to find on other backpacks. The only downside is that the MagLatch can get stuck if you try to open it while your backpack is full of stuff. However, this is a minor complaint and can be easily remedied by removing the extra gear.