Why Choose an ATM Parts Supplier?

ATM parts supplier

The advantages of choosing an https://www.atmpartchina.com/ supplier over other businesses are numerous. Not only will an https://www.atmpartchina.com/ be able to give you more information on the products that they sell, but a good supplier will also have more solutions than any other supplier in the market. If you’re in the market for https://www.atmpartchina.com/, then it makes sense to look for one that is a top tier provider. Read on to learn more. Here are some of the reasons why.


A British https://www.atmpartchina.com/, TestLink, was founded in Blandford and Upton, Somerset, in 1992. Founded by IT support technicians, the company grew to over 100 employees by the mid-90s. Its customers included NCR, a major ATM manufacturer. Its focus on ATMs saw the company expand its services to include ATM parts. Its American division recently bought a competitor. TestLink is proud to be a supplier of ATM parts.

TestLink’s ATM cassette tester

As an ATM parts supplier, TestLink has introduced three new services for NCR ATM cassettes. These include ATM cassette testers, refurbished ATM cassettes, and repairs. With the TestLink ATM cassette tester, ATMs can be checked before they pay out too much money. Additionally, the tester checks whether low-cash sensors are working properly. This will prevent a costly problem from arising. The tester costs less than $100, and it’s an effective way to avoid costly cash-cassette failures.

TestLink’s support system

ATM repair specialist TestLink has recently acquired ATM parts supplier OEM Oceansound Ltd. to create an ATM parts service that combines the strengths of both businesses. This new service offers an unrivalled range of parts and complete ATM modules, and all of the work is carried out by experienced, OEM-trained technicians in bank-approved secure facilities. TestLink also offers a range of preventative maintenance kits, which ensures that ATMs remain in good working condition for as long as possible.

TestLink’s secure facilities

If you’re an ATM parts supplier, there are three key benefits to choosing TestLink. Not only does it offer 100 per cent yields on ATM parts, but it also maintains the parts’ ownership and manages their inventory. That means there’s one point of contact for all your ATM needs. Plus, you only need one vendor for all your ATM parts. That means lower transport costs and fewer headaches.

The Banker’s Exchange

Established in 1991, The Banker’s Exchange is one of the world’s largest supply partners for ATM parts and ATM deployment. With a broad product portfolio and 24/7 support, The Banker’s Exchange is a trusted partner in the banking industry. As the industry continues to grow, the company has also expanded its service offerings, including turnkey ATM solutions and rebranding. ATMatrix LLC is a sister company of The Banker’s Exchange.