Six Advantages of the Hand Held Laser Welding Machine

hand held laser welding machine

The hand held machine is an advanced and versatile tool that combines the fundamental characteristics of an ultra-portable device with a high level of performance. It is capable of welding large and complex parts without creating fish-scale patterns, blackening, or depression phenomenon. It is also free of consumables, resulting in significant material cost savings. The machine is easy to operate, and a trained hand can be used to perform welding operations.

A compact internal design makes it easy to focus the laser beam. The laser is guided by optical instruments that allow you to adjust the beam to the precise distance needed to weld the piece. This compact machine also features an ergonomically-designed grip that automatically locks the light when the workpiece is removed. The welding speed can be 2 to 10 times faster than traditional welding. The laser beam is focused in a small area, resulting in a beautiful weld seam that doesn’t require polishing.

One of the advantages of a hand-held laser welding machine is that it can be used on a table that is not used for arc welding. Another advantage of this machine is that it is not grounded, preventing it from sparking. Another important feature is that it is equipped with different laser welding heads, allowing it to increase the quality of the welding process. There are six main advantages of the SENFENG laser welding machine.

A hand-held laser welding machine is suitable for small and large metal products. In addition to its portability, it also offers an ergonomic design, which makes it convenient for use anywhere, including outdoors. It is capable of welds on steel, aluminum, and stainless steel. And because it is portable, it can cover the work of one or two senior MIG or TIG welders. So, it’s time to upgrade from arc welding!

The handheld laser welding machine has many advantages, such as flexibility in processing and long-distance usage. Its button-type design and ease-of-use allow users to use it with minimal training. The small impact of its beams is sufficient and the weld depth is large. Moreover, the weld depth is adequate and there is no possibility of blackening or deformation. Aside from that, it can weld all kinds of materials, including those with irregular shapes.

The hand-held laser welding machine comes with various features, including wobble welding and adjustable frequencies. Wobble welding allows users to control the beam frequency and shape to produce wider seams and more aesthetic welds. In addition, it helps to solve the problem of poor fit-ups. The LightWELD 1500 has optimized preprogrammed wobble parameters for maximum control. It is also possible to control wobble up to five mm on-the-fly.