SEG Fabric LED Light Box

SEG Fabric LED Light Box

Fabric LED light boxes are backlit for a bright and clear display. The silicone edge graphics are typically printed with dye sublimation and have strong color saturation.

These light boxes can be wall-mounted, ceiling suspended, double sided, or free standing. They are a great option for companies that need to change out their visuals frequently.

Frameless Appearance

SEG Fabric Light Boxes are becoming the favored choice for modern retailers to showcase their brand imagery. They provide a luxurious frameless appearance that is both beautiful and functional. They also accentuate the backlit fabric graphic by shining a warm and inviting glow around it, helping brands stand out from competitors.

Frameless LED SEG Fabric Light Boxes can be wall mounted, double-sided, free-standing or ceiling suspended. The fabric graphics are printed using the latest dye-sublimation technology to achieve photographic and lifelike image quality that can be stretched over a lightweight aluminum frame.

The frames are equipped with LED perimeter lights that shine through the SEG silicone beading sewn around the edges of your printed fabric to illuminate the back of your graphic. The frame channels accept a white or black backer that will add brightness to your backlit graphic.

SEG Lightboxes are designed to be lightweight, easy to assemble and transport. This makes them a popular solution for a variety of applications, including exhibitions and trade shows, corporate offices, showrooms, sports complexes and entertainment centers. Additionally, the displays can be installed in residential environments to brighten up a lobby or reception area. They are an ideal choice to captivate the attention of customers and visitors alike.

Durable Fabric Graphics

The silicone edge graphics used in this light box are printed with dye sublimation for high-quality, long-lasting images. They are also easy to clean and will retain their shape even after repeated use. The backlit SEG Fabric Light Box LED lighting in this lightbox illuminates the graphic from all directions for a bright, even glow. It is powerful and energy-efficient at the same time, using only 8-15 watts per LED light bar. This makes them a great choice for illuminating backlit signage and banners in retail environments.

This wall mounted display is ideal for shopping centers, high traffic areas and schools. It provides a sleek and modern appearance that will help to attract the attention of shoppers and other visitors. It is also very easy to assemble, making it perfect for replacing or updating the custom backlit silicone edge graphic when necessary.

If you are planning to install the silicone edge graphics on your own, be sure to read up on the best practices for doing so. This will ensure that you avoid any common mistakes that can ruin the overall aesthetics of your display. For instance, it is important to tuck the silicone graphic in bit by bit to avoid bunched-up graphics.

These light boxes are available with both single-sided and double-sided silicone edge graphics. Choose the one that best suits your branding and messaging needs.

Energy-Efficient LED Lights

Unlike lightboxes that have LED lights on the edge of their frame, this SEG fabric signage has the backlighting integrated into its structure. This eliminates the need for separate lighting and provides a more uniform illumination that will make your brand stand out to passersby. It’s also energy efficient, saving you more money in the long run compared to traditional lights.

This SEG display is ideal for branding in malls, hotels, transportation terminals, and more. Its silicone edge graphics fit snugly into metal frames for a smooth appearance, and they’re available in various sizes. These SEG displays are also a good choice for trade shows, where they can be hung from walls or ceilings or placed on a floor stand.

The SEG light box has LEDs that illuminate your custom artwork, making it easier for people to notice your marketing message. The lights are integrated into the edges of the frame for a seamless look that also prevents overheating. LEDs are a great choice for these types of displays because they’re long-lasting and consume less power compared to other lighting options.

This lighted fabric display is easy to set up. Simply assemble the Vector frame and apply SEG Fabric Light Box the SEG push-fit graphics, then plug it in to enjoy your illuminated exhibit. The frame pieces are numbered and labeled to help with assembly, and swivel lock feet provide added stability.

Easy to Assemble

The SEG Fabric Light Box is easy to assemble, even for non-technical users. A simple Allen wrench is included with the frame, and all components are designed to be assembled and disassembled with ease. The LED lights are also very easy to replace if necessary. This makes the SEG Fabric Light Box an excellent choice for large signage needs, as it’s much easier to swap out graphics than a snap frame or other type of light box.

The fabric light boxes can be backlit or front-lit, depending on your branding and signage needs. The SEG fabric light box uses a high-tension fabric graphic with an image produced by dye sublimation. The fabric has a thin silicone strip around the perimeter that fits into a groove on the inner face of the frame, creating a “frameless” appearance. The backlit SEG fabric light box provides a lighted display for an upscale, eye-catching look in retail shopping centers and stores, healthcare and medical facilities, corporate offices, art galleries and museums, trade shows and exhibits, and more.

The SEG lightboxes are available in standard and premium models, with differences based on the number of LEDs used and their quality. Standard lights are located around the edges of the frame, while premium models use lights on both sides of the frames for a more evenly lit appearance. The amount of lights used and their power requirements will also be influenced by the size of the frame and its location.