Flexible Packaging Solutions for Chubby’s Packing Co and Chubby Snacks

Flexible Packaging Solutions for Chubby’s Packing Co and Chubby Snacks

Achieving a hyperlocal food distribution chubby’s packing co model, Chubby’s Project provides hot meals four days a week for neighbors in need. In addition to the meal, volunteers provide human connections and help with housework and errands.

In the cannabis industry, compliance starts with your packaging. For regulated substance companies, that means child-resistant containers.

Meat Processing

Chubby’s is a local meat processing company that offers services to both domestic and wild game hunters. They are known for their outstanding customer service and high quality products. IMPAK helped Chubby’s with packaging their new line of organic peanut butter and jelly sandwiches by selecting the right pouch and chamber sealer for their product. They needed a process that would not only preserve the food, but allow them to scale as their sales exploded.

Meat Packaging

Chubby’s Packing Co is a meat wholesaler located in Liberty, Texas. They offer domestic and wild chubby’s packing co game processing. They also provide retail meat sales. Their customer service is top notch! They are always so helpful. IMPAK helped them develop a simple and efficient packaging process to support their rapid growth and throughput requirements. A soft, flexible pouch with gas flush capabilities was chosen to provide the level of preservation and delicacy required for their products.

Custom Packaging

Chubby Snacks needed a flexible packaging solution to package their peanut-butter-and-jelly-sandwich-inspired snacks that contain no preservatives or stabilizers. IMPAK helped them select the right pouch material to maintain delicacy and freshness while providing shelf life and protection against moisture, bacteria, and oxygen. A chamber sealer was chosen for the project, which has allowed them to scale as their business has grown. Additional services offered include dry packing for candy, confectionary items and dried beans and grains.