Wincor ATM Parts

wincor atm parts

Electro Magnetic Components are the backbone of any ATM. If you’re interested in learning more about, check out this article from the Longtop Group. Here, we’ll introduce you to the most common parts and their corresponding EMC internal part numbers. If you’re looking for specific components, you can search online for Wincor parts. The list of part numbers is not exhaustive, but it will get you started.

Electro Magnetic Components

If you’re looking for quality magnetic card reader heads for your ATM, you can get them from Electro Magnetic Components. Their selection of ATM magnetic card reader heads includes HiCo and LoCo heads. If your ATM is running on an older or obsolete chip-based card reader, you can find replacement parts for your ATM from Electro Magnetic Components. All of their ATM spare parts are manufactured in the United States and are available for same-day shipping.

An automated teller machine (ATM) is a device that allows customers to deposit and withdraw funds from a bank without having to speak to a human banker. An ATM’s magnetic strip reads the information on the card and passes that information to the host processor, which interprets the data. Another key component of an ATM is the cash dispenser, which is highly sophisticated. Customers are able to insert their information by using the keypad or selecting a transaction type. A display screen is also used to display the transaction.

Longtop Group

If you need for your retail or financial institution ATM, you have come to the right place. The Longtop Group is a global corporation that supplies parts and whole ATM machines to various manufacturers around the world. The company also accepts OEM orders and offers 24 hour technical support online. Its online portal helps you track your orders, account status, and service requests. The group strives to provide the best customer service possible to keep you satisfied.