Wincor ATM Parts

wincor atm parts

If you are in need of Wincor, EMC is the supplier for you. EMC provides high-quality magnetic head assemblies for ATMs. EMC is also a high-performance, price-to-performance supplier of Read on to learn more about the advantages of EMC parts for your ATM. Read on to learn about their shipping methods and quality assurance. Then, get the parts you need! You’ll be glad you did.

Electro Magnetic Components (EMC) is a high quality, price/performance supplier of magnetic head assemblies for ATMs

The demand for electromagnetic components is fueled by increasing electrification and the need for low-cost industrial applications. Soft magnetic composite materials play an essential role in this conversion. They enable the design of smaller, more compact motors and inductors. These materials are made of iron powder particles coated in an electrically insulating layer. Powder metallurgy is used to form these materials into complex shapes.

EMC has been manufacturing and supplying magnetic head assemblies for ATMs for more than 20 years. EMC provides high quality ATM components at competitive prices. Our magnetic head assemblies are manufactured to UL/CSA standards to ensure compliance with ATM requirements. With an extensive product portfolio and high quality service and support, Electro Magnetic Components (EMC) has been a reliable supplier of magnetic head assemblies for ATMs for over two decades.

Find the parts you need

It is easy to find the you need online, and the website features a library of over 22,000 parts. Simply enter the part number or the part name to search. The site will then return parts that match your specific part number. This is a cost-effective solution to ATM problems. The list includes everything from belts and gears to pc cores, cassettes, power supplies, and more.

Quality assurance

TestLink, a global ATM parts and repair service provider, has announced the launch of its new ATM Parts service. The service will provide faster access to spares inventory, and will further confirm the company’s position as the world’s largest independent TestLink ATM Parts has more than 150 OEM-trained technicians. Customers can also request preventative maintenance kits to ensure maximum ATM reliability. For more information, visit

As the ATM’s computer system is similar to any other, it is crucial that parts are always readily available and in good condition. As with any computer, ATMs break down and require spare parts to keep them running smoothly. These parts include the host processor and card readers, which interpret magnetic strip account information. If the ATM parts fail to perform as intended, the machine won’t be able to process payments. As such, it’s important to have high-quality ATM parts on hand.


Electro Magnetic Components (EMC) has been manufacturing magnetic head products for more than thirty years and has expanded to focus on the ATM spare parts market. EMC stocks a full line of ATM parts, including and NCR ATM spares. EMC also stocks parts from Fujitsu, Tranax, Nautilus Hyosung, Hantle, and Triton. These ATM spare parts are available for immediate shipment and are guaranteed to work with your machine.

If you’re looking for a specific ATM part, you can search for it in the TestLink ATM Parts online catalog. The service offers same-day shipping, a vast inventory, and a 90-day no-quibble warranty. The company’s website offers detailed information and technical support. Parts can be searched by OEM manufacturer, part number, or module type. The company offers free technical assistance, as well as remanufactured and upgraded ATMs. The best part? These products are 70 percent cheaper than new ones.