What Is a BMW Fender?

What Is a BMW Fender?

A bmw fender is the part of an automobile or other vehicle body that frames a wheel well. Its primary purpose is to prevent mud, rocks, dirt, liquids and road debris from being thrown into the air by the wheel.

A dented bmw fender detracts from your car’s appearance and value. Fortunately, many auto body experts now have the technology to repair these front-end structures.

High Quality

Fenders are one of the most vulnerable parts of your BMW car. They are located on the leading edges of your vehicle, and they are exposed to rocks and debris that come flying up behind your tires. They are also susceptible to rusting. This is why it is important to find high quality fenders that will last. At CARiD, we offer a wide selection of durable BMW fenders that will enhance your car’s appearance and protect it from the elements.

Some cars, such as the streamlined 1949 Nash 600 and Ambassador, use what is called a cycle wing on their front fenders. These fenders are attached to the wheel suspension and remain at a fixed distance from the tire regardless of how it moves, which allows them to be closer to the wheel than traditional fenders. These fenders are still used on some sports or racing motorcycles that want to keep a tight, streamlined body.

For the BMW 3 Series sedan or wagon, we offer a kit that will convert your fenders to those of an M3. The fender flares are made from thermoformed ABS plastic that won’t easily break. You can install them on your car using the factory hardware. Before installing, let the fenders sit in the sun for a while so that they can relax and fit better to the wheel arch.


Your BMW is a world class vehicle, and it deserves to look the part. The fender is a key component in your car’s overall design. It protects your vehicle from debris that can damage the wheel well and paint. It also covers rust that can eat away at the metal.

The fender’s openings for the wheel well are typically larger than the diameter of the tire. This allows the wheel suspension to move without hitting the inner fender. The fender’s size and shape are also crucial. It should be streamlined for reduced wind resistance and attractive in appearance. It should also be strong enough to prevent bending or rusting.

BMW fenders are located on the leading edges of your car and are therefore particularly vulnerable to rock chips, road salt, mud, dirt, snow, bmw fender and rain. This is why CARiD stocks BMW fender flares that are designed to last, even in harsh environments.

These fender flares are made from thermoformed ABS plastic, so they can withstand the elements. They are also available in a variety of colors and finishes to match your car’s style. To ensure the best fit, it is recommended that you let the fender flares sit in the sun before installing them. This will help the ABS relax and better hug the wheel arch. When drilling the flare for hardware, it is also important to oversize the hole to allow for expansion and contraction of the material with temperature changes.

Lifetime Limited Warranty

BMW offers a lifetime limited warranty for its vehicles. This warranty covers repairs for a specified period of time or number of miles, and it is provided at no additional cost to the original owner. The lifetime warranty is an excellent way to protect your investment and save money on expensive repairs in the future.

However, you should note that this warranty only covers defects in materials and workmanship. It does not cover normal wear and tear or routine maintenance, which is why it is important to review the vehicle’s reliability ratings before purchasing a used BMW.

You can also purchase a BMW extended warranty through a third-party provider. These independent bmw fender providers usually offer better prices and more flexibility than the automaker’s plans. For example, a five-year/100,000-mile plan from CARCHEX is less than $4,000.

If you are considering a BMW extended warranty, consider your vehicle’s reliability ratings and the overall cost of maintenance for the next several years. It is also worth evaluating how much coverage you need from the plan.

The length of the warranty term affects the cost, as does your choice of deductible amount. In addition, most dealerships allow you to add the extended warranty to your financing, which can significantly increase your total cost. In some cases, you may even pay interest on the warranty coverage if you choose this option.


You’ll want to keep your BMW fender’s as intact as possible because it is one of the most vulnerable body panels on your vehicle. Your fenders are susceptible to rock chips, mud, dirt, snow, road salt and even rust from debris that is kicked up by the front tires as you drive down the road. A dented or rusted BMW fender can ruin the appearance of your ride and lower its value.

In the US, fender is the term for the part of a car’s body that frames a wheel well. Some older cars, like the Lotus Elan and Caterham Seven use what are called cycle fenders (or cycle wings) which are similar to those used on bicycles and are mounted directly to the wheel suspension and closer to the tire for a streamlined look. This is also common on vehicles with dual rear wheels, such as the Chevy Suburban.

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