What Are the Main Parts of an ATM?

The parts of an ATM vary widely depending on the brand. There are several types of paper for an ATM, such as Diebold, Greenlink, TBS, and Tranax. Electronic digital locks are another type of ATM part. High toppers, colored monitors, and thermal papers can all be found in ATMs. Additional parts can enhance the security of the machine by installing cameras. To find out more, check out the following article.

Card reader

Purchasing a card reader for ATMs is an easy process if you know what to look for. A genuine ATM card reader will have no moving parts and be a solid construction. If you notice that the card reader is made of plastic and has loose parts, then it is probably fake and installed by a thief. The ATM should have a button that can be pressed easily by the customer. The keyboard is also an important part of the ATM.


The keypad is an integral part of any ATM. It allows customers to input their personal information, choose the type of transaction and interact with the ATM’s software. The keypad also features a display screen that displays the information the cardholder inputs. In addition to displaying the customer’s account information, ATMs also feature a speaker that can be used to provide audio feedback when the customer presses a key. The keypad is also equipped with Braille numbers for people who are visually impaired.


The ATM 202 is a speaker that can be positioned on top of a regular speaker to produce an optimal reflection for the listener. This device is also compatible with shelf speakers, though the speakers must be able to radiate upward. When used separately from speakers, it should be placed on a shelf at an appropriate height to create the perfect reflection. Alternatively, it can be positioned below the speakers for a more discreet reflection.

Display screen

The display screen of an ATM provides an interface between the various parts of the machine. It changes to show different options as the cardholder inputs data. LCD or CRT screens are commonly used for these machines. Some ATMs also have buttons on the screen that the cardholder can press to choose a particular option or cancel their request. Often, the display screen is colored. ATMs also have internal speakers that allow customers to hear their keypad presses. They may also have a printer that allows customers to print receipts.

Convex mirrors

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