Waterproof Outdoor Wall Lights

Waterproof Outdoor Wall Lights

waterproof outdoor wall lights

Waterproof Outdoor Wall Lights

Waterproof outdoor wall lights are a great way to increase kerb appeal by your front door or add attractive downlighting and uplighting to the walls of your garden. They’re mains powered, so may require electrical installation which we recommend having done by a professional.

The Lintem Smart LED sconce offers 16 million RGB colors and tunable white from warm to cool, making it ideal for creating a festive atmosphere. It also features music synchronization and voice control (compatible with Alexa and Google Assistant).

Weather Resistant

The best waterproof outdoor wall lights are built to withstand the elements, making them a durable and smart addition to your home’s exterior. Look for metals that resist corrosion and finishes that withstand water, heat, cold, or humidity. Also, ensure that your choice is UL-Listed Wet and that it can use bulbs that are rated for outdoor use. For additional durability, opt for a model with a stainless steel or aluminum construction.

When shopping for an outdoor light, pay special attention to its brightness, which is measured in lumens (lm). The higher the lm, the brighter the fixture. You may also want to consider the bulb’s color, which can affect brightness and ambiance. Cool-toned bulbs tend to be brighter than warmer ones, while a warm-white or soft-yellow hue is often preferred for a more cozy effect.

If you’re installing a new light on your own, make sure to follow the manufacturer’s installation instructions carefully. If re-wiring is involved, it’s best to hire an electrician. Be sure to switch off the power before beginning any maintenance, and inspect fixtures regularly for signs of corroding or loose components. If you spot any issues, promptly repair or replace the fixture to keep your home safe and beautiful. Also, be sure to clean your lighting fixtures frequently to prevent dust and grime buildup.


Add to the ambiance of your home’s exteriors while ensuring safety and waterproof outdoor wall lights functionality with these waterproof outdoor wall lights. We offer wet rated outdoor lighting in various shapes, sizes and finishes for a versatile upgrade to your exteriors.

A sturdy stainless steel finish is a popular choice because it resists corrosion and won’t fade over time. Similarly, brass holds up well to the elements and develops a desirable patina as it ages. Alternatively, you can choose plastic for its affordability and durability. These materials are often treated with special coatings that help them withstand rain, snow and other weather conditions.

Waterproof outdoor sconces can be mounted above your front door or on the sides of your garage to create an inviting entrance. Pair them with a compatible dimmer switch and a low-wattage bulb for an energy-efficient ambiance. Choose from a variety of stylish finishes, including oil-rubbed bronze and matte black.

For a more powerful fixture, look for a floodlight with an intense brightness from broad-beam bulbs. These bulbs are often a little brighter than your traditional light fixtures and can make it hard to read or see objects nearby. To soften the effect, you can choose a low-wattage bulb that offers more of a daylight color to make the illumination less stark. These options are often called LED plus or LED+ bulbs.


The most energy-efficient waterproof outdoor wall lights use LED bulbs that consume fewer watts and last longer. They also have a photocell that turns the light off at dawn and turns it on again at dusk. Some have motion sensors that turn the lights on when they detect movement. Other models have an integrated remote or app that lets you control your lights without the need for a physical switch.

The luminosity of a light fixture is measured in lumens, and the ideal brightness depends on your desired ambiance and usage. For example, you may want to opt for a light with fewer lumens for mood lighting, while security or task lighting requires a higher output.

Many outdoor wall sconces come with a variety of different bulb options, so you can choose the one that best fits your space and aesthetic. For example, you can opt for a frosted glass bulb to create a classic look or choose a clear seeded glass option for a more modern design.

Regardless of the type of lighting fixture you choose, it’s important to maintain it regularly. Inspect the fixture for rust, loose components and other signs waterproof outdoor wall lights of degradation. Replace any worn or damaged parts as soon as possible to ensure safe and optimal operation. Likewise, clean the fixture on a regular basis to prevent grime buildup.

Easy to Install

With a bit of preparation and the right lighting fixtures, you can create a warm, welcoming outdoor space that’s safe for your family and guests. Whether you’re looking to brighten a patio or flank your front door, the best waterproof outdoor wall lights offer features like programmable timers, motion sensors, and dimmers that make it easy to achieve your ideal illumination.

The design and size of a light fixture can make or break its aesthetic. Look for exterior wall sconces with sleek silhouettes and open roll sides that add a modern twist to your entryway or garden. Then, pair them with dark and light colored accessories to create a visually appealing outdoor space that feels balanced and welcoming.

The finish of a light fixture can also affect its color and appearance. Bronze is a classic texture that complements a variety of home styles, while brass and copper have a more vibrant hue. Pewter offers a silvery sheen that works well with contemporary and modern style homes. And iron is a versatile option that’s great for traditional and rustic decor. When installing outdoor wall lights, turn off the power supply to your existing fixtures before starting work. Use silicone sealant around the electrical connections to keep moisture from entering your fixture or outdoor electric box, and choose waterproof wire connectors for a secure, durable connection. After the installation is complete, turn on the power and test your new lights to ensure that they function properly.