Virtual Reality Racing Simulator

Virtual Reality Racing Simulator

vr racing simulator

Virtual Reality Racing Simulator

Virtual reality racing simulators offer the experience of being behind the wheel of an exciting car. These games feature excellent graphics and immersive gameplay. They can provide the excitement of being on the racetrack for a fraction of the cost.

The Project CARS series from Slightly Mad Studios has become a major name in the VR gaming world. These games are designed to be played on PCs with the SteamVR base station and Oculus Rift headsets.

Project Cars

Project Cars is a simulation racing game that has built up a following for its impressively realistic physics and immersive driving experience. It’s developed by Slightly Mad Studios, which also created the Shift series of games before being acquired by Codemasters.

The developer has pushed back on some vr racing simulator of the hardcore simulation-over-everything approach that was favored in its previous titles, aiming to make this the most accessible entry in the franchise. A redeveloped controller experience, scalable assists, and improved weight distribution all add up to making it easier for new players to get into the game without too much of a learning curve.

There are plenty of events to race in, too, including 10 different series across Road, GT, and Bonus tiers. These include championships, one-off races, and hot lap challenges that give you a limited number of attempts to beat a target time.

You can even race against other people online, if you want to, with the game offering a fully-featured multiplayer experience with support for VR on PC. There’s a raft of visual customization options that let you make your driver avatar look however you like, and any visual changes you make will be visible to other online players when they race against you. A redeveloped dynamic weather system adds more depth to the races by showing puddles forming as you drive through them, or rain streaking your windshield and leaving beads of water on your tires.

RaceRoom Racing Experience

If you’re looking for a free-to-play racing simulator that values realistic physics and high-quality graphics, look no further than the RaceRoom Racing Experience. Developed by Sector3 Studios, this racing game features over 100 fully licensed cars from a variety of manufacturers, and both online and offline gameplay. The latest update brings significant improvements to the force feedback system, which makes it even more natural to drive.

The ranked multiplayer mode in RaceRoom works in much the same way as iRacing, and allows you to earn points towards your licence as you race against drivers of similar skill levels. Your rating and reputation fluctuate after every race, with better results and higher ratings bringing you closer to your next licence stage.

Unlike many other free-to-play games, RaceRoom is constantly being updated and improved. The game developer has worked with professional race car drivers to ensure that cars and tracks feel authentic.

The game has a massive selection of cars, with everything from the DTM to WTCR available to choose from. Additionally, there are also a number of different track configurations to choose from, so you’ll always be able to find something new to do. The ranked server schedule changes every Thursday, and some servers run 24/7, which means that you can race at any time of day.

Live for Speed

Developed without the financial support of a publisher, this home-grown simulator from UK programming gurus Scawen Roberts and Eric Bailey has some of the finest car dynamics your force-feedback steering wheel will have ever shaken its wheels with. LFS has a comprehensive physics engine that simulates everything from tire wear and damage to suspension, aerodynamics, clutch overheating and drivetrain. The simulation can also be used to create custom track layouts with the in-game autocross editor.

The game features a wide range of car models and setup options, with different tires, fuel consumption, crash damage and interesting racing environments to choose from. The physics engine even includes tire wear and dynamic dirt to give an accurate representation of vehicle performance. It can be played with a variety of accessories, including keyboard and mouse, gamepads and steering wheels from major manufacturers.

There is a free Demo version available to download, with 3 cars and a single track to try out. vr racing simulator The full version of the game requires a license that can be purchased on their website. This unlocks a further 17 cars and 8 race tracks. It also includes online web stats and unlimited setup changes. The developers are currently working on two new fictional tracks – Bancroft Autodrome and Fairfield Test Centre – as well as improving the South City track and giving it a graphical makeover.

Need for Speed No Limits

Need for Speed No Limits is the latest mobile installment of EA’s Need for Speed franchise, putting fast, frantic racing action above realism. Players race for street cred and a spot in underground culture, bash through police roadblocks, and boost for hilariously long stretches down closed-off city streets. The game’s light story mode keeps things tense and exciting, and the glossy cars and plenty of presentational polish make it look amazing.

The game’s default controls are simple and smooth, but it also includes the option for a more advanced setup. Players can choose to use touch (tap each side of the screen to turn in that direction) or tilt (tilt on the left or right edge of the screen to steer). The game features a variety of tracks, so it’s worth trying out different car settings and tunings to find your favorite.

No Limits offers a well-rounded free-to-play experience, and it adapts perfectly to the mobile platform. Its races are short, and the gameplay can get repetitive after a while, but it’s still an impressively polished car game with impressive graphics and a solid selection of cars to choose from. The only downside is that the game requires constant Internet connection, and it can take a while to load between races. The upgrade flow is also somewhat convoluted, as players have to click on the “call-to-action” icon at the top of the HUD to open the garage, tap on a car view, see a list of parts, and then have to manually select and install each one.