Top 5 iPad Cases

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Top 5 iPad Cases

Whether you’re using your iPad at home or on the go, you need a case that can withstand normal wear and tear. Look for a case with a solid drop rating and premium features like an Apple Pencil holder.

Folio cases offer more protection than shell cases and usually include a stand that can prop your iPad up for typing. Some also feature a keyboard for a laptop-like experience.

Apple Smart Cover

Apple’s Smart Cover is a slim accessory that snaps to the back of the iPad when opened, and closes magnetically to put the tablet to sleep when closed. It’s available in a handful of colors and has a soft microfiber lining that can be used to clean the screen.

It adds a little thickness to the device, and when folded into a stand it’s not as stable as some other cases. However, it’s comfortable to hold when typing or watching videos, and it offers a great way to transform the iPad into an on-the-go workstation when paired with a keyboard and mouse.

The downside is that the Smart Cover leaves the tablet’s back and edges exposed to damage, so it’s not a good choice for someone who needs to use their iPad in rough environments. Fortunately, plenty of third-party back cases with cut-outs for the Smart Cover have begun to emerge. Some even feature magnets that let you attach the Smart Cover to the case without using the built-in hinges. The case and cover can also be removed if you need to use the iPad with a different dock.

OtterBox Defender Series

If you want the best possible protection for your ipad, ipad 9th gen cover look no further than this Otterbox offering. It will protect the corners of your device from bending and the outer silicone layer feels tough to the touch. It is also grippy, which helps prevent you from dropping the tablet and makes it easier to hold (though that can be aggravating when trying to enter data with wet hands).

A clear plastic window covers the iPad touch screen and seals out soapy water so your fingers don’t smear the glass surface. When you’re ready to work with your iPad, simply snap this cover piece into place over the tablet. It can double as a stand that angles the screen at two positions, which helps for faster data entry and provides comfort while watching videos or reading long documents.

This case leaves the camera hump and twin speakers unprotected but it does provide some extra rubber drop protection and port covers that help keep dust out of your input features. This case is ideal for outdoor enthusiasts and those who live rugged lifestyles.

Pad & Quill Contega

The Contega builds on the success of its younger siblings, Pad&Quill’s original Case and Octavo for iPad 2. It expertly binds rich Italian bonded leather and bookbinding linen around a hand-finished birchwood frame. This frame is padded in the corners to protect your tablet. At first glance, the case is almost impossible to tell it holds an iPad. It looks like an old-world leatherbound notebook, thwarting sticky-fingered dirtbags in the process. It also has a custom opening cut into the birch wood for the dock connector, power button and headphone jack and channels carved beneath the cameras to really carry sound.

When closed, the case looks like a Moleskin notebook. It’s a nice change from the rubber, silicon and plastic cases that populate most technology Case for Lenovo tablet stores. The elastic band on the closure also functions as a sleeve for Apple Pencil to keep it from sliding out of place while in use. The case has a built-in stand function that works by sliding the iPad cradle frame out of the back and into one of two angles. It’s a nice feature but doesn’t add as much stability as some of the other stand case options on this list.

JETech Clear Case & Folio Screen Cover

Whether you have butterfingers or just want to be sure you don’t break your ipad, a case that protects against drops and bumps is a must. There are cases made from materials such as polycarbonate and rubber that keep your device safe while providing excellent grip.

Some cases offer additional functionality as well. Some are built to double as stands, allowing you to prop up your ipad to watch videos and read. Others, such as Logitech’s Combo Touch, can actually turn your ipad into a laptop with a trackpad and keyboard for a more computer-like experience.

The JETech Clear Case & Folio Screen Cover also offers functionality by adding a front cover that folds into a tri-fold and can act as a stand for reading or typing. The cover automatically toggles the ipad’s display to sleep when closed and wakes it up when opened. It’s also molded for better grip. The cover also has a slot for your Apple Pencil. This case costs less than $15 and comes in a variety of colors. It’s available at places like MacMall and Amazon.

Zagg Orlando

Turn your tablet into a mini workstation with this versatile pick. With a keyboard, trackpad and Apple Pencil holder, it makes working on the go simple. The case and keyboard fit most 11-inch iPads and offers sturdy protection against drops, bumps and dings with a lifetime warranty.

If you want to use your iPad in a variety of locations, consider a case that adds quality-of-life features like a stand or handle for carrying. Some have a built-in stand that folds over and holds your tablet upright for typing, video-chatting or reading. Others have handles that are easier to hold onto, either with molded areas or large straps.

Orlando, a kids iPad case for 7th and 8th generation Apple tablets, has versatile arms that rotate 180 degrees to use as a stand or carry handles. It’s made with kid-friendly EVA foam and reinforced with D3O, which absorbs and dissipates shock. Orlando also has a RepelFlex antimicrobial treatment to inhibit the growth of odor-causing bacteria and protect the case coating from degradation from microorganisms. The case is drop-resistant up to 6.5 feet.