Tips For Finding a Reputable ATM Parts Supplier

ATM parts supplier

If you are looking for, you have several options. TestLink, SPL Group, and ATM Wholesaler are three examples of good suppliers. Each one specializes in specific types of ATM components. While non-OEM parts can be cheaper, they are not up to the same standards as OEM parts. You will have to look for a manufacturer’s warranty if you want your ATM to work properly for a long time. Here are some tips for finding a reliable


The company is based in Upton, Somerset and recently expanded into the Far East with the purchase of Plus in Franklin, Ohio. It has 150 employees in the UK and the US, and holds 7.5 million US dollars in inventory. Founded in 1990 by Nick Beer and Greg Hughes, TestLink grew to about 100 employees by the mid-1990s. In the mid-1990s, TestLink was bought by NCR and devoted itself to servicing cash machines.

Its new ATM parts service is a partnership between the two companies. Initially, the OEM name will be retained, but the two companies will combine their expertise in ATM parts to form a more comprehensive, single service. As part of the partnership, TestLink will direct all new ATM parts sales to the Surrey facility and build additional capacity in Poole to ensure rapid delivery. Using this new brand, the two companies are aiming to be the leading worldwide.

SPL Group

SPL Group is an international corporation with operations in over 50 countries, selling ATM parts and other quality banking equipment. With service facilities in the USA, Europe, Latin America and Africa, the company offers a wide range of ATM products, including models made by Omron, Fujitu and Nautilus Hyosung. In addition to parts and ATM service, SPL also develops next-generation technologies such as cash recycling and deposit automation.

The company manufactures various types of ATM components, from components to whole ATMs. Its ATM parts manufacturing facilities include Beijing chuanglong century science and technology development co., ltd., and Shenzhen rong mei guang science and technology co., ltd. In addition to ATM parts manufacturing, the company also offers various services, including gift and loyalty card processing and mobile and wireless terminals.

ATM Wholesaler

Finding a reputable ATM parts wholesaler is crucial if you’re looking to cut costs. These machines are costly to maintain, and many new models require replacement parts. By partnering with a reputable wholesaler, you can take advantage of the latest technological advances and maximize your profits. To avoid a costly repair or replacement, make sure to select a supplier who carries all the necessary spare parts in stock. Here’s what to look for when choosing an ATM parts wholesaler:

Leading ATM parts wholesalers and suppliers offer quality ATM replacement parts at affordable prices. They are often the best source for ATM parts, and many of their products are available at significant savings. ATM parts are also a crucial component of ATM machines, which can cause them to malfunction. To avoid these problems, always use genuine ATM replacement parts from a reputable ATM parts wholesaler or supplier. These ATM parts are designed to withstand external forces.