The Plastic Hand Fan – A Great Promotional Item

The Plastic Hand Fan – A Great Promotional Item

Plastic Hand Fan

The Plastic Hand Fan – A Great Promotional Item

Hand fans are a great promotional item for events, wedding souvenirs and general promotion gifts. They come with foam safety blades and are made of durable plastic material.

The fan has been an important part of Chinese culture and art since ancient times. It has also been a symbol of nobility.


A hand fan is an accessory that can create a cool breeze or be used to communicate, especially amongst upper class people. In addition to its function as a tool of communication, the hand fan is a cultural icon that has been used to convey ideas such as status, elegance and sophistication.

The first hand fans were created 4,000 years ago in Egypt and were considered to be a symbol of power royalty, as evidenced by the two elaborate fans found in King Tut’s tomb. The fan was also widely used in China, Japan and India. It was brought to Europe through Venice, where it became a popular fashion accessory for ladies in the eighteenth and nineteenth centuries.

The hand fan has served as a communication device in many different cultures and times, with its use varying according to context. Historically, it has been used to communicate messages such as salutations and signals, to punctuate speech and to hide the face during prayer. The fan has also been a fashionable accessory for women, who often adorned their dresses with fans to add an elegant touch and reflect the cultural values of their time.

Decorative fans are often made out of silk or paper and are beautifully painted with flowers, scenes, landscapes and vignettes. A fan like JEFF 1446, which is ivory and black silk with flowers, is a fine example. Other styles of fans include the tessen, a Japanese war fan and the jianshi, a traditional Chinese folding fan.


Hand fans are useful tools for keeping cool during hot weather. The airflow from the fan increases evaporation of sweat on the skin, which has a cooling effect. This is complemented by the Plastic Hand Fan action of heat convection, which displaces cooler air from around the body. This is why they are popular amongst athletes and outdoor events organizers for distributing to their guests.

They are also used as props during performances. For example, large folding hand fans, 12 inches (30 cm) or more in radius, are used by drag queens to punctuate speeches and as part of their performances. Some have phrases drawn from the lexicon of drag and LGBTQ+ culture written on them, while others are decorated with sequins or tassels.

The plastic hand fan is an excellent promotional item for sporting clubs, outdoor school functions and business events. These promotional personalised fans can be customised with your corporate logo and message, making them ideal giveaways at these high-profile events. Price includes a one-color imprint. Add a customisable colour handle for an additional charge.


A fan is a handheld item that can be used to provide a cooling breeze. Often, it is decorated with various images, symbols, or words. It can be a symbol of status, elegance, and beauty. The image or word may be written, painted, embroidered, or engraved onto the surface of the fan. It can also be made out of paper, silk, or cloth.

Throughout history, hand fans have been used for many purposes, including as menus and theater programs, as dance cards, or as a way to communicate with each other. Plastic Hand Fan It could also serve as a tool to communicate with God during religious ceremonies. Moreover, it is considered as one of the most useful and versatile promotional items to use in any marketing campaign.

Promotional hand fans are ideal to distribute during outdoor corporate events, concerts, political rallies, and summertime weddings. The durable plastic material of this hand fan makes it suitable for rougher conditions. Its large imprint area makes it perfect for promoting your brand’s logo, message or design. Unlike disposable fans that crinkle and tear easily, this plastic fan can be manipulated for long periods of time without causing any damage. It is a great promotional item to include in gift bags or appreciation baggies. Additionally, you can give these customized fans to your employees during outdoor company events and school functions.

Imprint Area

The Plastic Hand Fan features a large imprint area to allow you to highlight your custom logo. This promotional item is ideal for a variety of outdoor events, including sporting events and concerts. It also makes a great giveaway item for company events, political rallies and outdoor wedding ceremonies.

The round design of this promotional item offers a convenient and comfortable grip and is easy to carry around. The plastic material is sturdy enough to withstand repeated use, but it’s still light in weight. It can be easily stored in a purse or backpack for quick access when the weather gets hot.

Ordering these custom printed fans is simple. We offer fast turnaround times to meet your deadlines. Choose the color of your handle and select a standard imprint color to get started. We recommend adding these promotional items to your tradeshow swag bags to keep your attendees cool and happy.

These hand fans are available in bulk orders and can be customized with your organization’s logo or advertising message. Order today to enjoy our volume discounts and affordable prices.