The Advantages of Using a Key Tag

The Advantages of Using a Key Tag

Key Tag

The Advantages of Using a Key Tag

A plastic key tag is a highly visible marketing piece that fits on a customer’s key ring. It is an excellent tool for promoting your business, gathering important data and increasing loyalty all in a pocket-sized, budget friendly package.

A key tag displays a barcode that references a record in database with check-in, loyalty and tracking information. The name of the record can be changed after it is created to accommodate changing business needs.


A key tag is the perfect marketing tool for businesses with limited budgets. It’s small and easy to use, but it still carries more marketing potential than a billboard or magazine advertisement. Additionally, it can be used to promote a variety of different services and products. Unlike traditional business cards, they can be worn at all times, making them highly effective for targeting potential clients.

In addition to promoting your business, key tags also gather valuable customer data. They can be programmed to include a barcode that can be swiped at checkout, which allows you to track and analyze customer purchases. For example, you can learn what items are regularly purchased together or at certain times of the day. This information can then be used to create targeted marketing campaigns and exclusive offers.

Customers often appreciate being rewarded with special service or a discount for their loyalty to a particular brand. This type Key Tag of strategy is known as “subliminal advertising,” and it works wonders for increasing your sales. You can even include a QR code on your key tag to connect with customers and drive engagement.

Custom key tags are a great way to reward loyal customers. For example, many auto repair shops provide their top-tier clients with VIP cards or free shuttle service when they visit. Other companies use key tags to offer seasonal promotions, such as discounts on car service or free tire rotations. These types of offers are a cost-effective way to build customer loyalty and encourage repeat visits.


Plastic key tags are an attractive marketing tool because they go everywhere your customers go, putting your brand in front of them multiple times a day. These marketing tools are also versatile and can be used in a variety of different ways, depending on the needs of your business. They can be used for loyalty, VIP, or rewards programs and can also be made compatible with your point of sale (POS) system by adding a barcode or QR code to the design. These codes can be scanned to help you track customer spending and reward them for their loyalty.

Another benefit of this design is that it’s very durable and can withstand repeated use. It’s also pretty big, making it easy to find and harder to lose. Plus, it comes with a free cable key ring to keep it secure in your pocket. The logo and contact information on this key tag are printed in a bold font that makes it stand out from other key chains. This makes the tag more noticeable to your audience and is sure to get you noticed.

Easy to Customize

A custom key tag is a highly versatile marketing tool that can be used for many purposes. It can help a business promote its products or services, gather customer data, strengthen its brand, and increase customer loyalty all in one small, pocket-sized package. These plastic items can be printed in full color, and some can even be designed to include barcodes or QR codes.

These small promotional giveaways can be customized to feature a company’s logo, important contact information, or a catchy tag line. They are an excellent way to market a business, and they can be easily incorporated into a customer’s daily routine. They are easy to create and cheap to produce, with design proofs available within a day or so. They are also an excellent way to publicize seasonal or niche marketing offers.

Since they are attached to a key ring, these promos go with customers everywhere they go. This makes them an exceptional promotional product, and they are perfect for companies that conduct loyalty or rewards programs. These programs can be designed to encourage customer loyalty and boost spending by offering rewards or discounts. These can be tracked using a bar code or QR code, and the customer’s purchasing history can be monitored with ease. These key tags are also useful for businesses that sell their products to other companies. For example, automotive repair shops can use these as labels for parts that they purchase from vendors.

Wide Reach

Plastic key tags can reach a wider audience than traditional paper traceability tags and cards because they’re convenient to carry around in the pocket of a purse or jacket, or on a key chain. They’re also more durable than many card varieties and can hold a more detailed logo. This makes them a great choice for rewards programs that offer special discounts, loyalty cards or membership cards for gyms and clubs.

These key tags have an extra-large snap-open label window and patented ring shaft for exchange of labels without removing the key tag from the Key Tag ring. The label face is a writable white surface for easy identification. They’re also metal detectable and address foreign body contamination concerns in food processing environments.

These stained glass looking key tags and magnets are a perfect way to promote your business and attract new customers! They’re made of zinc alloy plated with a matte silver finish and filled with soft enamel. The key tag has a 1.25″ flat split ring and the magnet is.75″ round. Mix and match these key tags and magnets to reach your desired quantity level.