Smart Woven Bracelets

Smart Woven Bracelets

Smart Woven Bracelets

Smart Woven Bracelets

A friendship bracelet is a beautiful way to show your friends how much you love them. It’s traditionally woven from thread and represents your bond with that person.

Now, there’s a new way to commemorate your friendship with a smart bracelet that lights up when your friends are nearby. Jewelbots’ programmable bracelets connect to each other via Bluetooth and backlight in different colors.

Easy to use

If you’re a beginner, there are many online tutorials for different types of bracelet patterns. They range from simple to more complicated, but all of them are easy to follow. You can also make a bracelet using recycled material, like old t-shirts. Cut them into strips and then weave them around a bangle bracelet for a unique gift. Another fun idea is to use candy-colored strands. These bracelets are a great way to show your friend how much you care.

You can find free friendship bracelet patterns for all skill levels, from the alternating half hitch to the five-braid pattern. The chevron pattern is particularly captivating and looks intricate, but it’s actually easy to create. Another popular design is the diagonal pattern, which is also relatively easy to make.

Despite their simplicity, these bracelets are durable and versatile. They can be worn alone or as part of a set. If you want to add a clasp, you can use metal jewelry clamps to secure the knots. You can also add a charm to make your bracelet more personal.

Another great feature of these bracelets is their built-in technology. Thanks to a patent-pending chip, Jewelbots can sync with up to Smart Woven Bracelets eight other bracelets and display personalized messages. They can also light up to match your friend’s outfit or even flash to the beat of a song at a party.


A good way to keep your woven bracelets looking great is to keep them dry. This is important because the strands can be fragile and can break easily, especially when they are wet. The string itself also absorbs dirt and can become muddy or stained, so it’s best to avoid wearing them in the shower or ocean, for example.

Alternatively, you can use a more durable material such as leather. This option is more expensive but is still easy to maintain. Many of the woven bracelets available on Etsy are made with leather, including this one from Laurel by Laurel. It has a cute, southwestern style and can be customized with a quote that fits you and your BFF.

Another option is to use a stretch cord instead of thread. There are many different types of stretch cords, but the most popular for woven bracelets is Stretch Magic Cord. It’s sturdy, comes in a variety of colors, and is easily available at most craft stores. If you’re using Smart Woven Bracelets beads with large holes, consider using doubled elastic. Also, when making a surgeon’s knot, be sure to use flexible glue that will not become brittle or abrade the cord over time.

Another high-tech version of the friendship bracelet is Gemio’s social bracelet, which lights up when your friends are nearby. The smart jewelry is intended for a younger audience and is designed to promote self-expression and connections among friends. The Gemsets, which can be snapped onto the bracelet, are backlit by a palette of millions of colors.


While learning how to braid multiple strands of thread might not get your tween BFF into CalTech, Jewelbots can. This programmable wearable is a stylish twist on the classic friendship bracelet, with patent-pending electronics that connect over Bluetooth to sync with up to eight other Jewelbots and light up when friends are close by.

The kit includes a wide array of color options, with 92 shades, from purples to greens and yellows, perfect for creating gradients. You’ll also receive a handy plastic storage box to keep your threads organized. The twine is made of a polycotton blend, so it’s not as soft as our top pick, but it’s strong enough to withstand rough handling. If you’re running out of thread, just unknot one end and tie a small tail to the other. Then, use the taped end to weave your way through your bracelet and leave it on an under, matching up with the other tail. You can then glue the knot and trim the ends.

Celebrate a favorite place with your BFF with this coordinates bar bracelet, which is filled with sand from more than 1,500 beaches and deserts around the world. It’s a great gift for your bestie, especially if you’re both traveling abroad. Each bracelet is unique and a reminder of your special connection.


The ’90s classic friendship bracelet just got a modern makeover. This high-tech programmable wearable from Gemio lights up when your friends are nearby (within 50 feet indoors and 100 feet outdoors, says cofounder Michael Bettua). You can even program it to play specific light sequences when you and your pals high-five each other.

If you’re a beginner, try a simple chevron pattern. To make it, start by cutting four strands of embroidery floss about 36 inches long. Tie together with a simple overhand knot and secure to a flat surface with tape or a clipboard. Then, work on your forward knots. Starting with the left-hand strand (A), wrap it around the bottom of the right-hand strand, and then over the top of the second strand. Continue this process with the next two strands until you get to the end of your bracelet.

Another popular style of bracelet is the expanding bangle. These bracelets can be worn alone or stacked with others. They are also available in various colors, and they have a flexible closure that allows them to expand or contract as needed. They’re a great choice for people with larger wrists or those who want to wear a more casual look. You can also find these bracelets in a variety of materials, including leather, gemstones, and stainless steel.