Shooting Game Machine Bundle

Shooting Game Machine Bundle

Shooting Game Machine

Shooting Game Machine Bundle

Shooting Game Machine are a great way to draw in customers and increase your income. They also use up very little floor space and are easy to install.

House of the Dead is a scary zombie themed shooting gallery game that was created by gaming giants Sega in 1997. This game requires a high score and can be played by one or two players.

Point Blank Arcade Machine

Point Blank – also known as Gun Bullet (Ganbaretsuto) in Japan – rewrote the way light gun games were played. It’s a series of gun-based minigames that test response, speed and accuracy.

Unlike many gallery shooters which suck you in through flashy graphics and shopping mall synth music, Point Blank’s simple visuals and fine audio set it apart. The judgement screen’s succinct jingle spurs you on to beat your score or bask in victory, while sound effects like glass smashing and balloon bursts are faithfully implemented.

Rambo DX Arcade Machine

This light gun shooter from Sega is based on the Rambo movies. The game features a Rage gauge that fills up by defeating enemies and by taking damage. When the gauge is full, Rambo becomes invincible and gets a temporary power up for his machine gun fire.

Manabu Yamana worked on this game; later he would help create the Dragon Quest and Pokemon games, but this early title shows how wildly different games can be created from a single movie license. The 1980’s was a time when Stallone was bigger than Schwarzenegger and when video game publishers were still trying to find their feet.

Razing Storm DX Arcade Machine

All three light gun games in this bundle ably capture the uncomplicated fun of their arcade origins, and each offers a challenge to your reflexes and accuracy. A first-person story mode complete with cliffhangers and plot holes also features, and the game is enhanced by a ‘hit chains’ system that rewards players with score bonuses for chaining hits together.

Old arcade fans will enjoy these ports, but unless you have a passion for OTT ’80s nonsense, you may find the whole package somewhat lacking. The FPS section, meanwhile, plumbs new depths of gameplay frustration with its clunky cover mechanic that involves pointing the Move controller straight up to pop out of it.

Sailor Zombie: AKB48 Arcade Edition

Bandai Namco brings the idols of the Jpop group AKB48 to the arcade in this light gun shooter. Members of the girls’ group come down with a zombie virus and the player must either shoot them or give them an antidote. The game also features Big Boss Fights and rhythm game elements.

Before starting the mission players select one unzombified AKB48 member as their partner. The chosen idol can restore the zombified fans and idols back to humanity using their special Racing Game Machine power. The game features built in dance numbers with four AKB48 songs including Gingham Check and Flying Get.

Time Crisis 5 DX Arcade Machine

Time Crisis is one of the most popular light gun games in history, and this deluxe cabinet features two 55″ monitors (one for each player) with a new dual pedal cover switching system that is more responsive. This deluxe cabinet also has a new weapon toggle button and force feedback recoil on the handgun controller.

Players fight their way through three stages in this co-operatively playable game that takes place in the future. The story plays like a Michael Bay movie and features lots of different environments and vehicles including helicopters, trains, tanks, motorcycles and angry laser robots.

Top Gunner Arcade Machine

The Top Gunner variant of Jackal ( , Tokushu Butai Ziyatsu Karu, literally Special Forces Jackal) is an overhead run-n-gun style shoot em up. The player controls a jeep that’s sent into enemy territory to rescue POWs.

While Rolling Gunner Over Power may not have the same retro pedigree as some of our other games, it’s definitely got a lot to offer those looking for their first vertical scrolling bullet hell experience. The only Racing Game Machine niggle is that your gun pod aims opposite to the direction you move which can be a little tricky at times.

Train on the Track Arcade Machine

A charming game that directly speaks to train and toy enthusiasts. Its endless possibilities and extremely chill vibe are enough to make it enjoyable all the way through, despite some bumps along the road.

Managing trains is an interesting challenge as you don’t have much control over them, but it is still fun to try and route them around without them running into a dead end barricade or the edge of the playfield (which costs a life). It gets tricky on higher difficulties, though.

Faulty Repair Shop Arcade Machine

A lot of old arcade games come in need of an expert eye. This is the case for pinball aficionado Geoff Harvey who is called in to fix an old ‘one-armed bandit’ fruit machine brought into The Repair Shop barn.

One of the first things an experienced home arcade mechanic does is check the fuses. Fuses can be easily fixed or replaced, and a good cleaning of the machine is also important. Dust can cause problems with PCBs and connections. Often it will solve an issue just to clean up the solder connections!

Deer Hunting USA Arcade Machine

Big Buck Hunter brings the classic arcade game to a new generation console for an all new hunting experience. This game features a choice of weaponry including rifle, shotgun or compound bow along with a choice of treks to hunt in.

The game also offers a new gameplay mode called “Shootout” that allows two players to compete head-to-head. This is the most content packed Big Buck Hunter game ever! Featuring 10 animal adventures, ten hunts, high-definition 3D modeled animals and immersive backgrounds. This is a great way to relive the classic era of arcade gaming.

Bottle Shooter Arcade Machine

Bottle Shooter is a single player light-gun shooter game that rewards speed and accuracy. The game features levels with moving bottles and a red-laser sight to gauge the player’s shooting accuracy. Players must use all the available bullets in the time limit to complete each level.

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