SEG Fabric Light Box

SEG Fabric Light Box

Unlike Snap Frame light boxes, which require you to open and close their aluminium frames to aid in changing graphics, SEG Fabric light boxes are super thin designs that look extremely sleek. They also use LED tech to illuminate your graphic and signage for maximum visibility.

These frames use backlit fabrics printed via dye sublimation. The keder trim is sewn into the back of the print to offer a seamless display and brightness.


The SEG Fabric Light Box is a sleek, eye-catching display that uses LED backlighting and UL certification to produce bright, long-lasting graphics. It can be used in a wide variety of environments, including retail spaces and trade shows. It also offers a high level of customization, allowing you to tailor the display to your specific needs.

The backlit SEG frame is made from a durable polyester, suitable for dye SEG Fabric Light Box sublimation printing. It has a silicone edge trim, called a keder, that clips into a groove around the perimeter of the frame. The keder is designed to grip the fabric graphic, which can be easily removed or replaced when it’s time for a new one. This makes changing out backlit SEG fabric graphics a relatively quick process.

SEG Fabric Light Boxes are also incredibly lightweight, making them easy to transport and install. They’re a great option for businesses that need to replace their signage frequently. They’re also an excellent choice for use at events and trade shows, where they can be folded flat to fit into a shipping case or carry-on bag.

SEG light boxes can be wall-mounted, suspended, or free-standing. They also come in a variety of sizes, from small to large. Some are even double-sided, allowing you to have different graphics on both sides of the frame.


SEG fabric light boxes are an excellent choice for high-end retail environments. They provide the sleek look of rigid signage while offering the flexibility and durability of fabric. These displays are also extremely versatile and can be used in a variety of commercial spaces, including airports, hotels, corporate offices, museums and art galleries. They can also be incorporated into interior and exterior design projects, depending on the type of lighting chosen and the weather conditions.

These displays have a thin frame design and use perimeter LED lighting to illuminate back-lit graphics, resulting in bright, crisp white illumination. The LEDs are energy efficient and have a long life expectancy of over 50,000 hours. They can be installed in a number of ways, including wall mounted, free standing with feet or hanging. They can be single or double sided and are available in custom shapes, including circles, cubes or other unique designs.

The fabric graphics on a lit SEG light box are printed using dye sublimation. They are then affixed to SEG Fabric Light Box the aluminum extrusion frame with a silicone edge trim called a “keder” that adheres the graphic tightly for a clean finish. The keder trim is also what makes the frame durable and allows it to be placed in outdoor locations.

These frames come knocked down and are simple to assemble, saving time and money on shipping costs. The lighting options are dependent on the size of the frame, environment, budget and project scope. They can be backlit or front lit and can include one or multiple rows of LEDs, depending on the size of the display and its intended use.


You can use a SEG Fabric Light Box in any location to create an immersive visual experience for your customers. The unique LED tech illuminates your custom graphics and signs, enhancing the colors to help them stand out in your store or showroom. You can also change out your signage frequently to promote new products and special offers. However, you need to be aware that not all light boxes are created equal, so choose wisely.

SEG Fabric light boxes are available in both single-sided and double-sided designs and can be backlit or edge lit. They feature an ultra-thin frame that’s only 1/16” thick for a virtually frameless appearance. The backlit LED strips are hidden inside the frame, minimizing reflected light. These LED lights are designed for a long life with minimal heat generation and energy consumption.

These displays are easy to install and offer an ideal solution for a variety of applications. They are perfect for retail stores, corporate offices, health and medical facilities, trade shows, art galleries, and more. They ship knocked down to save shipping costs, and can be assembled in minutes. They are also lightweight and portable. You can hang them on the wall, ceiling, or make them freestanding.


Fabric LED light box displays are an affordable and convenient way to highlight advertising materials or illuminate messaging at retail sites, office spaces, airports, sports complexes, and other facilities. These displays feature a silicone edge graphic (SEG) stretched over a slim profile frame with LED perimeter lighting to create a vibrant, backlit display. This technology offers a modern look and feel, adding visual dimension to any interior space.

Unlike Snap Frame light boxes, SEG fabric displays allow for the front and back graphics to be changed independently of one another, making it easy to switch out messaging as needed. This feature can be especially helpful for businesses that want to keep their displays current with product promotions or other messaging.

Additionally, SEG fabric light boxes are significantly thinner than most alternatives. The frames are only 1/16” thick, which makes them less intrusive and more attractive than other light box options. The displays also have an internal power supply, simplifying installation requirements.

Finally, SEG frame designs allow for the frames to ship unassembled, which drastically reduces shipping costs. For example, a 96” x 120” backlit frame can be shipped in a corrugated carton, saving up to 90% in shipping costs compared to what a standard assembled frame would cost to ship. This can be particularly important for clients on tight budgets.