SEG Fabric Light Box Wall Displays

SEG Fabric Light Box Wall Displays

Capture your audience’s attention with an illuminated fabric light box wall display. These backlit signage advertising solutions feature silicone edge graphics and aluminum framing for a luxurious look.

The lightboxes’ silicone edge graphics are inserted into a groove on the frame to minimize reflected light. The silicone keder trim is typically printed with dye sublimation.


Fabric Light Boxes that are free-standing are a great solution for retail, event or exhibition displays. They are easily assemble and can be moved around the store or exhibition floor. They feature a unique back-lit fabric display that is printed on a premium backlit textile with enhanced image resolution technology to deliver true color and density. They are available in standard or premium sizes and can be used as a single or double-sided display.

These displays are similar to wall mounted and ceiling suspended light boxes, but they have a streamlined frameless look that is achieved by sewing the edge of the graphic with a silicone strip. The strip tucks into the channel groves on SEG Fabric Light Box the extrusion and gives the backlit graphic a drum tight fit. This design also eliminates shadowy centers or banding and ensures that the LED lighting is distributed evenly across the entire graphic.

One of the biggest benefits of a free-standing lightbox is that it allows for easy graphic changes. This means that you can swap out a new promotional message or campaign visual without having to dismantle the whole display. This makes them a great choice for retail stores that need to refresh their visuals often.

Our lighted free standing SEG fabric lightboxes come complete with the frame, LED lights and graphic. The frame is made from a lightweight aluminum and comes with stabilising feet. It is quick and easy to assemble and can be completed in a few minutes. They are also easy to dismantle for relocating or storage.

Wall Mounted

If you are looking for a backlit display solution that is both elegant and durable, SEG Fabric Light Boxes that are wall mounted are the perfect choice. These displays feature a minimal frame design that is ideal for retail stores, convention centers and trade shows. The fabric graphics are printed using a dye sublimation process that delivers excellent image resolution and quality. The LED perimeter lighting illuminates the graphics, allowing them to stand out from other backlit signage.

The SEG frames have two channels – one on the front for the backlit graphic and one on the back for a white reflective backing fabric to reflect the LED perimeter lighting toward the graphic, creating a brightened presentation. The fabric is sewn with silicone strips, allowing it to be easily fitted into the groove on the SEG frame. It is also easy to swap out the graphic, so that you can change up your message often.

Backlit SEG fabric light boxes include an internal power supply that makes them more energy-efficient than other forms of signage lighting. This also simplifies installation and eliminates the need for a separate power box. Because of this, it is important to consider the power requirements of your space in conjunction with the size and location of your lightbox. It is also a good idea to work with a professional electrician to ensure that your frame and lights are properly wired.

Ceiling Suspended

SEG Fabric Light Boxes that are ceiling suspended offer a unique way to create a backlit display for your business. Whether used in your storefront, restaurant, exhibition or trade show booth or even your home, a backlit fabric lightbox can make your message stand out from the rest and attract attention from passersby.

These displays are usually made from metal to give them a sturdy appearance. They can be free standing or wall mounted and feature a backlit printed graphic that extends from edge to edge. The graphics are hung with a system of cables that connects to the frame and carries the power supply for the LED lighting.

A backlit SEG Fabric Lightbox requires a special power supply that converts high voltage power to low voltage for the LED lights. The specific type of power supply is often determined by the size and install location of the lightbox. It is important to coordinate with your display manufacturer, electrician and installer to ensure the correct power needs are met.

SEG Fabric Light Boxes have an advantage over snap frame light boxes because changing the graphic is a much quicker process. The frame’s aluminum openings open up to allow you to easily remove and replace the graphic without having to remove or damage the current one. This is a great benefit for businesses that frequently change their messaging and campaigns.


Easily customize your light box signage with backlit fabric or non-backlit graphics. The frame is constructed from aluminum extrusions with channels that accept the SEG fabric allowing LED lights to be placed inside to illuminate the fabric creating a light box. The frame extrusions have a recessed look that minimizes the amount of frame hardware showing for a streamlined, frameless appearance. The SEG fabrics have a silicone beading sewn around the edge that simply press fits into the channel groves on the frame for easy setup and removal.

The fabric graphic can be printed on either a knit or smooth polyester with dye sublimation for a vivid, top quality look and feel. The printed colors appear vibrant and consistent from corner to corner, even when lit up. The frame design ensures that illumination is dispersed evenly across the entire graphic without having shadowy centers or banding.

Lightbox signage is a great way to promote your business, product or service in any retail showroom or corporate office space. The sleek and elegant frame design complements any decor, while the LED lighting SEG Fabric Light Box illuminates the graphics to create a powerful and attention-grabbing visual display.

The LED lights that are built into the frame of the Aurora lightbox display wall have an internal power supply that eliminates the need for a separate power box, making them more convenient to use and maintain. The lights also provide bright and energy efficient illumination that lasts longer than traditional ‘gooseneck’ forms of signage lighting.