SEG Fabric Light Box

SEG Fabric Light Box

Unlike Snap Frame light boxes, SEG Fabric Light Boxes have an aluminum extrusion with a channel that holds the silicone edge of a backlit fabric print. This makes them a perfect solution for many applications and environments.

LED perimeter lights illuminate backlit graphics while creating a modern, frameless look. A single power cord runs directly from the lightbox to provide brightness and energy efficiency.

Easy to Assemble

Unlike traditional backlit light boxes, which can be difficult to install and change graphics on, SEG fabric light box wall displays are simple to assemble. The aluminum extrusions that make up the frame have a groove that the silicone edge (called “keder”) fabric is stretched over and pressed into, leaving minimal amount of frame hardware showing around the edges for a clean appearance. LED lights bars can then be attached within the frame extrusions to illuminate the fabric and create a backlit lightbox.

A single power cord can be run directly from the frame to the lighting system. This can be helpful for locations where a power outlet is not available. The lights can be powered by either an external power supply that converts high voltage to low voltage or a series of internal batteries that provide a long life for the lighting system.

Our double-sided LED SEG frames ship knocked down to make shipping cheap and easy and are simple to assemble in minutes. They are also easy to store and can be used in multiple spaces without the need for skilled installers. Each SEG strip section has 5 wide beam LEDs that provide bright, even lighting with low heat and energy efficiency. These lightboxes are ideal for a variety of applications including retail stores, convention centers and trade-shows.


SEG Fabric Light Box is a highly durable product that can be used for years. It’s perfect for high-traffic areas where graphics will be viewed often, such as in airport terminals or retail shopping centers. The lightweight and flexible design allows you to create a dynamic display that is both eye-catching and impactful.

Its sleek 4in aluminum frame offers SEG push-fit fabric graphics with LED lighting pre-attached to the inside of the frame and swivel lock feet for added stability. The back of the frame has a channel that holds a white backing fabric that helps reduce light leakage. SEG Fabric Light Box These light boxes are available as single or double-sided, wall-mounted or ceiling suspended. There is even a backlit option available to make your graphics glow.

The specialized silicone edge tension fabric used in the fabrication of these displays can provide exceptional image resolution and quality. When combined with LED illumination, it gives an unparalleled level of contrast and density of color. The backlit option is a good choice as it simplifies installation and offers superior brightness.

These types of lightboxes are ideal for retail environments, auto showrooms and corporate offices. They can also be a great addition to trade shows and events. It is a cost-effective way to draw attention to your brand, products or services. The graphics are easily changed out for seasonal promotions, holiday specials or to highlight a new product line.

Easy to Change Graphics

While Snap Frame light boxes may look like they require a tech-savvy individual to install, these lights can be easily changed out with new graphics. All that is required is a few simple steps to remove the old graphic and place in the new one. This is a much easier process than it may seem and makes these types of lightboxes perfect for businesses that need to change their visuals frequently.

SEG (also known as Silicone Edge Graphics) frames are a framing system that accepts a tension fabric into its recessed grooves for a clean and stunning visual impact in countless applications. Each backlit LED fabric display is a back-illuminated banner printed with dye sublimation, featuring slender silicone strips that tug into the recessed frame groove for an ultra-smooth and frameless backlit appearance.

Single or double-sided, wall mounted or ceiling suspended, these LED lightbox displays are ideal for retail spaces, trade shows, lobbies, and other locations where they will be seen by many people. They offer the flexibility to be updated frequently with new product promotions, sales offers or other information that will be of interest to your audience. In addition, the fabric SEG light box is a unique and durable technology that illuminates your message brightly. This ensures that it will not only capture the attention of customers but also stand out among other brands in your space.


The SEG Fabric Light Box is a very lightweight option. This makes it easy to transport. It is also durable and will last for a long time. It is an excellent choice for trade shows and other events. It is an ideal alternative to traditional frames.

The light boxes come in a variety of sizes and can be used as standalone or as part of a larger display. The LED lights are built into the frame which makes it easier to set up and break down. The LEDs are very energy efficient and the system requires a low power supply. The frame can be printed with backlit or non-backlit graphics.

A backlit fabric light box is a great solution for displaying images or text that need to be illuminated. It is a light-weight, portable product with an aluminum extrusion frame that has a silicone edge graphic (SEG). The fabric is usually dye sublimation and is printed on both sides to avoid glare. It is a perfect solution for indoor and outdoor use.

This product is very popular in retail stores and showrooms. It can be customized to your branding and is available in both single and double sided configurations. It comes in a wheeled carrying case SEG Fabric Light Box with black expanded polystyrene liners to protect the frame and components during transportation. The setup is quick and simple and can be done by one person. The graphics are easy to change and the fabric is very durable.