Retrofit Projector Headlights to Your Car

Retrofit Projector Headlights to Your Car

Projector headlights are an affordable upgrade that can significantly improve your visibility on the road. They also minimize glare for oncoming drivers and give your car a sleeker look.

To install your projectors, choose a vehicle-specific retrofit kit that comes with plug-and-play components. You’ll still need to bake the headlight open and remove the reflector internals, but it’s much less labor intensive than a universal kit.

They Aim Down

Aiming headlights correctly can make a huge difference in your visibility on the road and reduce glare for other drivers. Many accidents happen because of misaligned headlights, so keeping them aimed properly is important for safety.

If you have older reflector headlights, you might want to consider a projector retrofit kit. These kits come with everything you need to upgrade your headlights. They’re easy to install, and they look great! Plus, they provide a lot of high-intensity light, which is great for night driving.

A projector headlight contains a lens and a projector that produces a focused beam of light. The reflector helps shape this light and aim retrofit projector headlights it toward the ground, while the cut-off shield directs it away from other areas of the car. The result is a clean and focused beam of light that can illuminate the road better than your factory headlights.

It’s important to choose a projector kit from a reputable company that will produce quality products. SW Lights is an example of a top-rated company that offers both HID and LED projector lights for your Mustang. These lights are able to deliver up to 250ft of intense light, which is a significant improvement over your stock setup. They also feature a sleek and stylish appearance that will transform your Mustang. To learn more about their products, visit their website today.

They’re Easy to Install

Unlike the reflectors in stock headlights, projector heads are more like mirrors, only they can focus their light on your target. This makes them far brighter than the unfocused, scattered blob of light that comes from a stock headlight.

A projector retrofit can be installed on any car, including those that are equipped with halogen bulbs. However, a vehicle-specific kit will be easier to install because it will be designed for your specific car and should have plug-and-play components.

If you want a truly professional look, consider retrofit projector headlights installing bi-xenon projectors. These can be used for both high and low beams. They are also more effective than halogen bulbs because they use HID technology that has the ability to turn on and off rapidly.

When you’re ready to install your projector headlights, start by laying out everything you’ll need for the job — housings, projectors, bulbs, and shrouds. You’ll also need a pair of gloves, large flathead screwdrivers, and whatever other tools you think you might need to get the job done. Then, remove the fender/hood weather stripping and the bolts holding your front bumper to the fenders and radiator cover. Once you’ve removed these, you can begin the actual headlight retrofit. You’ll also need to bake your headlights open so you can replace the reflector internals with a new projector, which is usually the most difficult part of the whole process.

They’re More Energy-Efficient

A projector headlight’s design focuses intense light into a tight, tightly organized beam pattern that maximizes road visibility while also minimizing the amount of light that blinds other drivers on the road. This is achieved thanks to a shutter that protrudes upward from the bottom of the lens and partially obstructs the beam when the driver selects high beam. This allows the bulb to shine through the elliptical reflector without illuminating anything but the road ahead of you and without blinding other drivers and passersby on the side of the road.

Projector headlights can be fitted with HID or LED bulbs that are brighter and more energy-efficient than halogen bulbs, making them an excellent choice for a car owner who wants a more practical lighting upgrade for their vehicle. However, car owners should be careful to avoid installing HID bulbs in projector headlights that are designed for halogen bulbs. Since HID bulbs are so much brighter than halogen headlights, they can easily make it difficult for other motorists to see and may even cause them to blind in some situations.

LED bulbs are the latest innovation in automotive headlight technology, and they’re becoming increasingly popular for a variety of reasons. They’re more energy-efficient than HID bulbs and last far longer than halogen headlights, often outliving the lifespan of the vehicle they’re installed in. In addition, they emit less heat while still providing a strong, clear beam of light that’s well-focused on the road ahead.

They’re More Affordable

Adding projector headlights to your car is an easy way to make it look newer, and more modern. They also have the advantage of aiming the light down and not blinding oncoming drivers, which can be an issue with older style reflector headlights.

There are many different types of projector headlights on the market today. The earliest were called HID or Xenon headlights and used a special type of bulb to produce more useable light than traditional halogen bulbs. The most recent innovation is LED headlights, which are much more energy efficient and durable than HID or halogen bulbs. They can even last longer than halogen bulbs, making them a cost-effective alternative.

When choosing a projector headlight kit, make sure to get the best quality possible. Cheaper kits might have loose, poorly-made parts that can cause them to fail or not illuminate as intended. The best kits include everything you need for the install, including modified reflectors and shrouds that fit inside your stock headlight housings.

Some companies, like Morimoto, specialize in building plug-and-play LED projector headlights that are available for a wide range of vehicles. These kits are designed to be easier to install than universal retrofits, since you don’t have to bake the headlight open and cut wires to add new components. Most of these kits are available for vehicles with halogen headlights, but some may also have HID options.