Replacement Parts For NCR ATMs

Having problems with your NCR ATM? If so, you may need to replace certain parts, such as the Card reader, Display screen, Keypad, and Cash dispenser. The following is an overview of the main components of these machines. You can also order new ones if necessary. Listed below are some examples of replacement parts for NCR ATMs. Read on to learn more! And don’t forget to visit our online store for even more options!

Card reader

The NCR ATM is a freestanding interactive machine with various options. It comes with two modules – the S2 dispense and SDM2 cash acceptance – and can also be configured as a Gbxx2 acceptance-recycling machine. NCR ATMs provide high-quality solutions for self-service applications and ATM networks. The products are easy to use, and they allow ATM operators to achieve high levels of productivity.


A NCR ATM offers sophisticated management capabilities that allow for accurate information about program versions, configurations, and activity levels. NCR ATMs are easy to use and intuitive, so that users quickly become experts after their first encounter. They also ensure constant reliability and security against physical hacking, fraud, and other threats. Here are some of the advantages of NCR ATMs for financial institutions. These machines have proven to be a worthy investment for many organizations.

Display screen

If you are looking for a LCD monitor for your NCR ATM, you’ve come to the right place. You can buy a refurbished LCD screen for your ATM at a very low price from China. Moreover, you can get a cheap LCD monitor for your NCR ATM by buying it directly from the factory. However, before you buy one, you should first understand how to use it.

Cash dispenser

The SelfServ 87 ATM is a modern, multi-touch ATM with advanced banknote dispensing technology and an intuitive user interface. It can handle the largest volume of transactions, and it features an integrated banknote recycling module by NCR. This innovative technology reduces downtime to minutes, allowing ATMs to operate round the clock. It is ideal for high-volume locations that frequently receive cash requests. The new dispense module S2 improves the performance of this ATM, while maintaining high security levels.

Magnetic heads

Electro Magnetic Components specializes in supplying ATMs with replacement parts, including magnetic card reader heads. The company carries a variety of and can supply you with anything you need, including new, refurbished, and used parts. They have many pictures to show you what the part looks like and can also supply you with the part number you need. The company’s knowledgeable staff will make sure you get the correct part for your ATM, and they will ship it to you quickly.