Refurbishing an ATM? Check Out These ATM Parts Suppliers

ATM parts supplier

When you’re refurbishing an ATM, you might be wondering if you can get OEM or non-OEM parts. While these may fit your ATM’s refurbishment needs, you’ll want to make sure they are of high quality. To find out, subscribe to our blog. Here are some links to learn more. Also, keep an eye out for the following ATM manufacturers: NCR, B&B, and TestLink. These brands are some of the leading suppliers of


If you are looking for an, then you may be wondering if TestLink is the right company for you. This company is based in Upton and Blandford, and has been in business since 1993. The company provides parts and repair services for ATMs of many major brands. In addition to parts, TestLink also sells refurbished ATMs, resembling the ones you once used, for up to 70% less than the cost of a new machine. If you’re looking for an supplier, you can always contact them via their phone number, which is listed to the left of this article.

Another benefit of dealing with TestLink is their guaranteed parts yield. Their services are designed to help customers maximize their investment in ATMs, and they guarantee repairs. As a result, you can count on the reliability of their products. You’ll also benefit from their expertise in the ATM industry, as the company works under ISO9001 and ISO14001 standards. This ensures that the company is committed to quality and customer satisfaction, and it maintains its ownership of all ATM parts.


Founded in 1989, the B&B is a privately held multinational company with offices in the USA, Europe, and Africa. The company sells ATM parts and equipment from different manufacturers, as well as offers repair services. In addition to supplying parts, B&B also remanufactures ATMs. Its extensive line of products includes spare parts for NCR ATMs, Wincor ATMs, and Diebold ATMs.

ATM Wholesaler

An ATM parts wholesaler offers a wide variety of ATM parts from different brands. These include ATM papers from Diebold, Greenlink, Qualtex, TBS, Tranax, and more. Some parts include electronic digital locks, high toppers, thermal papers, and color monitors. You can also buy accessories such as cameras, locks, and other parts that enhance the security of your ATM. In addition to parts, you can also purchase services from an ATM parts wholesaler.

A good ATM parts wholesaler will stock the necessary ATM spare parts at reasonable prices. You can also get high-quality ATM parts for reasonable prices. While ATMs are considered safe, they can still malfunction if the parts used to power them are not up to par. For this reason, it is important to buy ATM parts that are guaranteed to last a long time and are manufactured locally. A reputable ATM parts wholesaler will also keep the parts you need in stock for quick replacement.


TestLink, a leading ATM parts supplier, has recently introduced three new services to help prevent the dreaded empty ATM. These include refurbished ATM cassettes, testers, and repair. The tester can prevent a cash dispenser from overpaying customers by checking for issues with the shutter mechanism and low cash sensors. These services can help prevent costly and irreparable reputational damage. Interested parties can sign up to receive their free ATM cassette tester and learn more about the new services.

Among the ATM parts offered by NCR, ATM cassettes are refurbished by specialist engineers in bank-approved facilities. They undergo rigorous inspection and reconfiguration to ensure their quality. They also provide a guarantee of five days’ delivery. Through this process, ATM cassettes are repaired before the end of their life, preventing premature failure and increasing reliability. ATM parts manufactured by NCR are also available from TestLink, the largest independent ATM parts supplier in the world.