Oil Suction Machine

Oil Suction Machine


Oil Suction Machine

Portable suction machines are used to aspirate secretions from patients who cannot clear their own fluids, such as those with tracheostomies. They can be used in hospitals and the community.

The device includes a solid oil tank, a top cover securely fixed to the top open end of the oil tank, a pump cylinder disposed inside the oil tank and a plunger moved in the pump cylinder for generating suction force.


The present invention relates to an automobile grease suction machine comprising a solid oil tank, a top cover secured to the top open end of the oil tank and having a unitary handle for carrying by hand, a pump cylinder disposed in the oil tank, a plunger moved in the pump cylinder to induce a suction force for drawing the engine oil from the engine into the oil tank and a control valve carried on a link on the bottom side of the top cover and controlled by a float to stop the air passage through the top cover when the engine oil in the oil tank reaches the high level.

The above-mentioned structure of the portable oil suction machine is simple in its construction, small in size and OIL SUCTION MACHINE powerful in its suction force. Moreover, it can be used to remove waste oil from vehicles by the traditional gravity feed into a height adjustable collection bowl and also by evacuating with one of the included dipstick probes.

The motor of the portable automobile grease suction machine uses the battery of the motor car as its power source, which is remarkable for its outdoor portability and free from the limitation on the time and place of its utilization. Therefore, the present invention has solved the above drawbacks of the conventional portable automobile grease suction machines.

Easy to Operate

An aspirator is a medical device that generates negative pressure to suction blood, mucus, or other secretions into a collection jar. Its simple operation makes it an excellent choice for first aid and door-to-door medical treatment. It also works well for home use and can be a lifesaver in emergencies. The device is portable, lightweight, and easy to operate. The battery-powered motor provides powerful and strong suction. Its capacity marker and adjustable handle make it easy to track how much liquid it holds.

Before using an aspirator, inspect the machine for signs of damage or leaks. You may also want to check the power cord for any defects or wear and tear. If you find any problems, disconnect the cord and wait for it to cool before attempting to restart. Once you’ve made sure all components are in good working condition, set up your aspirator for use.

Start by attaching a hose to the aspirator’s connection port and a sterile patient tubing to the suctioning tip. Next, attach the collection canister to the machine with a sanitary lid. You can also add a pour spout cap to prevent spills and OIL SUCTION MACHINE make it easier to dump waste fluid. Finally, connect the collection canister’s patient port to a sterile collection tube. The aspirator’s power cord will then connect to the canister through a vacuum port.

Low Maintenance

This machine works on a simple principle. It squeezes oil seeds through a confined barrel-like cavity. Seed materials enter through one side of the press and waste items leave through the other. Grinding with persistent weight association creates a high volume of heat in the confined chamber, and this squeezing process compresses the seeds into a solidified cake which then expels through the small openings.

This air operated oil suction machine is designed to drain engine, brake and transmission fluid quickly and efficiently without any spillage. It is suitable for cars, quad bikes, motorbikes and lawnmowers. The transparent handle and speed connector make it easy to use, while the semi-transparent suction pipe allows you to monitor waste oil during extraction. It is also equipped with a graduated glass chamber so you can see how much oil has been extracted. It is an ideal tool for DIY enthusiasts and professional mobile mechanics. The compact design, back wheels and low full tank weight of less than 23kg makes it very portable. It is maintenance free, self cleaning and uses compressed air for operation.