Motorola Solutions DP2400e Walkie-Talkie

Motorola Solutions DP2400e Walkie-Talkie

motorola dp2400e

Motorola Solutions DP2400e Walkie-Talkie

The Motorola Solutions MOTOTRBO dp2400e is a sophisticated entry level digital two-way radio. Featuring systems support and loud clear audio, this next generation radio delivers cost-effective connectivity to your organisation.

This dual mode radio allows you to upgrade your communications to digital at a pace that suits your business. DP2400e operates in both analogue and digital mode and supports basic trunking and legacy analogue technology.


The simple design of the Motorola Solutions DP2400e digital two-way radio is deceptive when it comes to its audio capabilities. With advanced noise cancellation technology and Intelligent Audio that automatically adjusts radio volume to compensate for background noise, the DP2400e allows users to communicate clearly in any environment.

This MOTOTRBO(tm) digital radio also supports Motorola’s IMPRES smart energy technology, with up to 28 hours of battery life between charges and the ability to extend that with optional Li-ion battery upgrades. This model is also analogue interoperable allowing your organisation to migrate to digital at your own pace and benefit from premium Motorola features that improve productivity without the need for costly hardware upgrades.

In addition, the DP2400e offers enhanced security and safety features with options for Lone Worker remote monitoring and emergency alert buttons. There is also a transmit interrupt function that lets managers communicate directly with any lone worker, allowing them to take command of the situation. Privacy is improved with both basic and enhanced encryption, preventing others from listening in on communications.

The DP2400e is incredibly durable and meets stringent Motorola specifications for resistance to shock, vibration, impact, humidity and temperature extremes. It can withstand up to four and a half times more shocks than required by the MIL-STD-810 C/D/E/F/G military standard, and is IP55 rated for dust and water protection.


The DP2400e is an ideal walkie-talkie for the worker who requires effective communications. With systems support and clear, loud audio it can improve productivity across your business.

The Motorola DP2400e is a digital radio and as such offers enhanced voice quality, a much better operational range (up to 8%) than the standard analogue model and an impressive IP67 rating for dust ingress and water resistance. It also has a much longer battery life, 28 hours with the optional IMPRES over-the-air battery management technology.

Other features include a Lone Worker remote monitoring button, which allows supervisors to check if staff are ok with just motorola dp2400e one press of a button. The DP2400e is also capable of sending GPS location readouts at the push of a button, which is very useful in an emergency situation such as a fire or flood.

With dual capacity direct mode you can double channel capacity without the need for expensive infrastructure. Privacy options allow you to send or receive private calls that can be heard by only those users involved in the conversation. And there’s even a HazLoc model available for use in areas where hazardous materials are present. Should the Product be found to infringe any patents, Motorola Solutions, at its option and expense, may procure for such purchaser a right to continue using the Product, replace or modify the same so that it becomes non-infringing or, at its option, return the Product for a refund of the purchase price paid by such purchaser.


The Motorola DP2400e is a member of the mototrbo E-Series family and offers improved audio, better coverage and a longer battery life. Its durable construction and water resistant IP67 rating ensure it can withstand a range of environmental conditions including harsh environments.

The DP2400e is a digital two way radio that works with Motorola Solutions MOTOTRBO systems to deliver enhanced functionality, such as Dual Capacity Direct Mode and trunking*. This allows users to communicate with one another directly, increasing user capacity without the need for additional infrastructure, improving response times and safety.

Motorola Solutions MOTOTRBO digital radios are designed for the everyday worker who requires efficient and effective communication. With system support and loud clear audio these next generation radios will keep your organisation connected as you grow.

Unlike legacy analogue systems, MOTOTRBO digital radios operate in both analogue and digital modes giving you the option to upgrade your communications at your own pace. Whether you choose to use the full capabilities of MOTOTRBO, or stay with conventional analogue technologies, the DP2400e will ensure your organisation stays connected and provides a reliable platform for your team to work from.

This warranty does not cover damage resulting from misuse, unauthorized modification, disassembly or repair of the Product, or any other cause not directly related to defective materials or workmanship. This warranty is extended to the original end user purchaser only and is not transferable.


The Motorola DP2400e digital two-way radio is an essential communication tool that can help businesses maintain efficient communications at a competitive price. It features best-in-class audio in a scalable solution motorola dp2400e to meet your communication needs, with Intelligent Audio and voice announcement capabilities that ensure clear transmissions in difficult work environments. It’s also analogue interoperable, allowing you to migrate to digital at your own pace, and provides enhanced security with the ability to remotely disable a lost or stolen radio.

The radio supports multi-site trunking, providing advanced integration that can boost productivity and coordination within your organisation. Its new receiver has increased sensitivity to give you better range, while the battery life has been upgraded to 28 hours from a single charge thanks to Motorola’s IMPRES smart energy system. It’s also now able to meet tough military-grade specifications and is IP67 rated for dust and water protection.

Your workers’ safety is at the heart of the DP2000e Series. They can communicate instantly with the push of a button, improving their response capability and helping to keep them safe in dangerous situations. Privacy options can be configured to prevent others listening in on their communications and the radios can be remotely disabled if they are misplaced or stolen. In addition, a TIA4950 certified model is available for use in hazardous locations with flammable or explosive materials.