Motorola DP4801e Walkie Talkie

Motorola DP4801e Walkie Talkie

motorola dp4801e

Motorola DP4801e Walkie Talkie

The Motorola dp4801e is a digital two-way radio that is ideal for many industries. This radio has a wide range of features, including intelligent audio, and is built to withstand harsh environments.

With integrated Bluetooth, Wi-Fi and GNSS (GPS and GLONASS) the DP4801e is a workhorse of connectivity. Enhanced features like Man Down and location tracking enable streamlined, productive communication throughout your organisation.


The Motorola Solutions MOTOTRBO(tm) DP4801e digital two-way radio is a high-spec, robust and durable walkie talkie that provides superior quality and impressive functionality. With a wide range of smart and safe features, this device is a great choice for businesses that require a reliable communication tool.

Featuring the latest technology, this mobile offers outstanding audio clarity and a long battery life. It also comes with a host of useful accessories and is compatible with existing communications infrastructures. This radio is also highly durable and meets military-grade specifications, making it ideal for use in harsh environments. It can withstand a drop from up to 1.5 meters, and has a waterproof IP68 rating that allows it to be submerged in water for 30 minutes.

With a remodeled IMPRES amplifier and advanced microphone interference control, the DP4801e delivers exceptional sound quality. Its acoustic noise suppression and SINC+ noise cancellation allow users to speak clearly even in noisy environments. Additionally, this radio has an improved range that is up to 8% larger than other digital two-way radios on the market.

The DP4801e is part of Motorola’s MOTOTRBO digital two-way radio portfolio, which supports business-critical communications on licensed spectrum. It operates on the VHF and UHF radio bands and supports Capacity Plus, which increases the number of radios you can connect to a single network to 1200. This system also supports a suite of productivity-boosting data applications, including location services, alarm monitoring and workflow management.


The Motorola DP4801e is a digital two-way radio that has a wide range of features to meet the needs of different industries. It has been designed with a focus on safety and productivity, making it an excellent choice for skilled professionals. The radio offers a variety of useful functions, including text messaging and the ability to amplify digital channels in analog mode. This allows users to communicate with each other without using the public channel and is a good option for areas where noise is an issue.

The radio is also equipped with Intelligent Audio, which automatically adjusts the volume of the radio based on the environment it is in. This feature ensures that the user can hear incoming transmissions clearly, even in noisy environments. It motorola dp4801e also comes with Acoustic Feedback Suppression, which reduces the amount of feedback that occurs when a radio is transmitting.

The DP4801e is part of the MOTOTRBO DP4000e series, which includes ETSI DMR standards-compliant digital radios that offer operation-critical voice and data communications. The radios include Bluetooth audio that lets you talk wirelessly, integrated Wi-Fi for remote software upgrades and indoor/outdoor location tracking capabilities. These features can help you improve efficiency and productivity in your business. They are also available in an ATEX / EX version that can be used in explosion-hazardous environments.

Battery life

Motorola DP4801e is a portable, full keypad (FKP) two-way digital radio from the Mototrbo E series with high performance integrated voice and data. With a focus on safety and productivity, this handheld offers an easy-to-use design with large buttons that can be operated while wearing gloves. motorola dp4801e The DP4801e has a prominent emergency button with Transmit Interrupt to clear the channel and an integrated accelerometer that can sense when there is a man down situation and activate a call for help.

It has 1000 channels, IP68 protection and GPS, Bluetooth and Wi-Fi capabilities for streamlined connectivity across your business. The DP4801e also features intelligent audio, which automatically adjusts the radio volume based on background noise so you can hear transmissions clearly, even in noisy outdoor environments.

Keeping your radio charged is essential to maintaining peak performance. Having a spare battery will reduce downtime when your walkie talkie runs out of power. This NNTN4440AR Motorola replacement battery is designed for use with DP2400 and DP2600 Series radios and provides up to 18 hours of life on a single charge in normal use.

The RB4012 is a rechargeable lithium ion battery for the Motorola DP4801E, DP4802E and DP4806E two-way radios. This Motorola IMPRES Li-ion battery is engineered for long-lasting durability and uses the highest quality cells available to provide reliable, high-performance communication.


The Motorola DP4801e is a high-performance two-way radio that delivers advanced features and impressive performance. It’s a workhorse of connectivity with Bluetooth audio, integrated Wi-fi, GNSS (GPS and GLONASS) capability, up to 1,000 channels, and a five-line colour display. It also comes with an emergency button that can be programmed to send an alert to a specified contact in the event of a crisis.

This radio is designed for tough environments and is rated IP68 to protect against dust, dirt, and water. It can withstand immersion in freshwater up to 1.5 meters for 30 minutes without suffering damage or malfunction. It’s the perfect choice for organizations that require reliable and durable communication in harsh conditions.

The DP4801e offers a wide range of features that can improve efficiency and safety in the workplace. For example, the DP4801e can detect a radio check on another channel to prevent interference and ensure that only authorized users can communicate. The DP4801e also has a powerful audio amplifier that produces clear, crisp speech, even in noisy environments.

The DP4801e is one of the most innovative two-way radios from Motorola’s MOTOTRBO series. This series of handheld radios is designed to meet the needs of professionals who need reliable communication. The DP4801e offers features like Bluetooth audio, text messaging, and Work Order Tickets to enhance productivity. It is also compatible with legacy analog technology, making it a versatile tool for any workplace.