Metal Laser Cutter

Metal laser cutter

The Neodymium laser and Fibre-optic laser are two of the most popular lasers used for metal cutting. You can also find Neodymium lasers and Automatic Focusing Height Follower. But which of them is right for your needs? Let us explore some of the benefits and limitations of each type in this article. Also, read about the FabLight and Automatic Focusing Height Follower. These two lasers are highly effective when processing thick metal plates.

Fibre-optic lasers

There are several different types of metal laser cutters. The main difference between these metal laser cutters is the type of gas they use. Oxygen-based systems produce slag that is difficult to remove, but nitrogen-based systems do not. Oxygen can slightly oxidize the cutting edge. Nitrogen-based systems do not oxidize the cutting edge and are suitable for high-pressure cutting up to four mm thick. In addition to using the correct gas mixture, a plate can be applied with oil for better cutting quality.

While both types of metal laser cutters produce light, CO2 and Fiber lasers differ in their efficiency, capabilities, and performance. The first type is generally more powerful and effective for cutting thick materials, while the second type is better suited for thinner materials. Both technologies are excellent for certain applications, though CO2 lasers are generally better for non-metals such as wood and plastics. Fibre lasers, on the other hand, offer higher speed and output and have lower operating costs.

Neodymium lasers

There are several different types of metal laser cutters available on the market, each with its own advantages and disadvantages. CO2 lasers are the most common, but there are also fiber lasers and neodymium lasers available for different purposes. While CO2 lasers are relatively inexpensive and low-power, they can still be effective at cutting a variety of materials, including metal. CO2 lasers are most commonly used in metal laser cutters, and they are also quite effective in cutting materials such as cloth, paper, and wood.

The Nd-YAG laser is the next-up in the line of metal laser cutters. It uses a neodymium-doped yttrium aluminum garnet as the source of the light, which makes it compatible with many materials. Nd-YAG lasers can be used for engraving and drilling, as well as for welding. Because they use a neodymium-doped yttrium-aluminum-garnet, they have the advantage of greater energy output and more precision than CO2 lasers. Both CO2 and Nd lasers are capable of cutting metal and plastic.

Automatic Focusing Height Follower

A with an automatic focus height follower is a necessity for accurate cutting. The center of the nozzle is an important factor for the quality of cutting, especially for thicker workpieces. The automatic height follower senses the metal surface and maintains the focus height while the laser is in operation. Several benefits of this feature make it an essential purchase for any Here’s how to choose an automatic focus height follower for your metal laser cutter.

The Auto Focusing Height Follower for Metal Laser Cutter: This machine keeps the focus constant while cutting. Its high-precision rack and pinion transmission system keeps the focus constant. The precision collimator test shows less than 0.05mm. The machine has a professional CAD / CAM automatic programming and nesting software, which saves the cost of raw materials. The ultra-low operating cost allows you to focus on other aspects of the production. The bed material is made firmer after the annealing process.


The FabLight metal laser cutter is designed to make small parts, such as metal brackets, much easier to make. Its design is based on a gusset plate that was cut from 1/4″ sheet stock. The gusset plate was then assembled on the FabLight to create a finished product. The FabLight metal laser cutter is a great tool for home and small business use.

The FabLight FL4500 laser cutter is a versatile tool that can cut sheet metal and even tubes up to two” in diameter. This machine is also able to cut internal features in tubes, and it is equipped with an industrial-quality IPG fiber laser. The FabLight FL4500’s high-precision mechanical control allows it to make thin lines and cut intricate designs on both metal and plastic.

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