Laser Projector Light For Cars

Laser Projector Light For Cars

Laser projector lights replace the white light bulbs in your headlights. They use blue lasers to ignite yellow phosphorus that emits bright white light. Then a lens diffuses the lasers and projects that light forward into a strong beam of white.

These lights are a new technology that was first introduced on the BMW 7 series in 2015. They can illuminate up to 600 meters, double the range of current LED high-beams.

Product Description

A laser projector light is a great way to accent trees, shrubs, evergreens, portico’s, decks, patios or other outdoor landscape features year round. Unlike conventional lighting strands that must be wrapped around branches and wired into your electrical system, these self-contained units are simple to mount and plug into. A laser light projector uses a scanner that bounces a beam of light off a reflective surface in order to create the desired effects.

The front of the laser projector has a masking plate that limits where the laser beams can be projected. A laser output indicator is also located on the front that allows you to see if your system is powered on or off. Most models use a standard 2 watt RGB laser with analog modulation. This provides up to 16.7 million colors.

For best results, try to locate your projector in an area without competing lighting that you can’t control (streetlights and pre-lit security lights). Choose a primary feature to accent, such as a large tree/shrub with leaves or an evergreen, insert the laser into the ground near the base pointing upward. Experiment with the distance and angle before staking it in the ground and tightening once positioned. The slightest breeze rustles the foliage providing a mesmerizing firefly effect, and dark setting enhances the color saturation.

Installation Instructions

Unlike the halogen bulbs in your headlights which reflect light off laser projector light for car of mirrors, projectors emit their own light from a bulb at the back of the fixture. This light is then reflected off of a mirror at the front of the housing.

The resulting beam is then shaped by a lens to produce the desired image. Many models have a masking plate that covers part of the front of the lasers aperture to help protect it from dust and debris. Behind this is the aperture window where the beam will be projected. Some units have a built in emissions indicator that will light up when the unit is functioning properly. On the rear of most systems you will find a few ports including an ethernet port to connect to your network, and an in and out for the DMX/ArtNET control signals.

Most lasers come with pre-assembled wiring to make the installation process much simpler. They will usually have black and red wires, with black being negative and red being positive 12V.

The easiest way to install these is by connecting them directly to your car’s original courtesy light. It will then be turned on automatically when you open the door, laser projector light for car and turn off when you close the door. It is recommended that you test the wires to the power source before installing to ensure they are plugged in correctly.


If your projector light breaks, most manufacturers offer a warranty to cover repairs and replacement. Some also have a loaner program, where they’ll send you another unit while yours is being fixed. Others will simply replace it with a new one that comes in the original box.

There are a few things you should know before purchasing a laser projector light for your car. First, you should note that a masking plate is front of the laser’s aperture window and serves to help protect it. There is also an emissions indicator that lets you know the system is working properly. Finally, you should consider that ambient light can subdue the effect of a laser projector. This can be due to streetlights or pre-lit decorations that can overpower the holographic lasers created by them.

The best way to avoid this is by installing the lights in an area without competing lighting. Choose a central primary feature like a large tree/shrub with leaves or an evergreen. Aim the head of the laser projector at that feature pointing upwards, experiment with the position of the head before settling on a spot. Most brands recommend a distance of 20′ to 40′ from the projector to the surface it is projecting onto for optimum saturation. You may find that a bit closer gives you more of a firefly effect, or a bit farther away allows you to create a mesmerizing curtain of light.


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Why is the red light not as bright as the blue and green? This is due to the fact that each color has a different wavelength intensity in the spectrum. This is what makes them appear to be less bright, but in reality they are not.

Can I use this with a light sensing or programmable timer? YES! This will allow you to turn on your lasers at the time of your choosing without having to worry about forgetting to turn them off.