Laser Projector Light For Car

Laser Projector Light For Car

Projector headlights are becoming increasingly popular as a car upgrade. They allow for better focus, spread and intensity compared to the reflector housing systems found in older luxury vehicles.

Setting up this light is relatively simple and takes less than 2 minutes. It comes with a tabletop base and ground stake for semipermanent installation.

Product Description

Unlike traditional light strands, which require wrapping or hanging, our laser light projector has no cables, making it easy to install on the inside of your vehicle’s door panel. The LED lights are a great way to add a unique touch to your car’s interior. They’re sure to turn heads!

This system uses a laser to project an image on any flat surface. It is a safe alternative to HID projector headlights and traditional reflector light systems. Compared to the reflector design, the projector beam is more focused and intense. In addition, it allows for sleeker and more compact designs that increase styling.

The laser projector headlights use a diode laser (typically blue) that is directed through a lens at a phosphor sphere which downconverts it to a spectrum that approximates white. The resulting high-intensity, bright white illumination is safer and improves visibility by reducing glare for other drivers.

HAOHAOYUN courtesy door logo projector light can be used to add a personal touch to the interior of your vehicle or simply as a welcome or departure sign. The projection light is powered by a rechargeable lithium battery and can be easily operated with the included remote control. It’s a great way to show off your personality and is a fun gift for anyone!

Installation Instructions

Unlike traditional headlights, projector lights don’t emit bright beams that disturb laser projector light for car oncoming traffic. This is because they use a lens to evenly distribute the light from the diode laser into an area that is way below the eye level of oncoming traffic.

To control the projector, a digital signal is sent to the laser through a 25-pin D-SUB connector. This signal is converted to an analog signal by a laser controller, which then controls the scanners to position the projected pattern. The controller also controls the brightness of the projector, as well as its color and pattern. Most projectors use Pangolin’s modern FB4 media server, which is an advanced network-based hardware system for controlling lasers that offers direct control via the computer, DMX/ArtNET control directly from a lighting console, and standalone mode for programming your show to trigger at a later time automatically.

The simplest installation for this car logo projector is to place it near a feature in your landscape that you want to highlight. The closer you are to the feature, the more condensed the cluster of lights will appear, and the higher the intensity will be – perfect for highlighting focal points in your yard or landscape. Experiment with a few different locations before you decide where to put the projector to find the best results for your yard.


Generally speaking, installing aftermarket lights will not void your car’s warranty if it is still under the original manufacturer warranty. However, individual car companies have strict policies about modifying their vehicles and the best way to determine whether your installation will be accepted by the dealership is to check with them directly.

Laser light projectors are a new innovation that allow you to create an amazing lighting display on the ground or on surfaces such as your home or business. They are powered by LED’s and are able to be controlled in a variety of ways including manually via the built-in switch on the projector, DMX control from a lighting console, or automatically with a motion sensor or programmable timer.

These lights are a bit different from traditional LED or incandescent lights in that the beams are much more condensed at close range – this allows them to be very effective at highlighting focal points within your landscape. They can also be used a few feet away to provide a broader coverage area for areas where competition is not as great, such as a driveway or road.

In addition to the LED’s, these projectors use “galvanometers” to modulate the light and form a projected image. Galvanometers are computer-controlled electromagnetic devices that move mirrors mounted on the end of rotary shafts, which then reflect the laser beam to create the desired pattern or image.


One of the biggest selling points for laser light projectors is that they’re a quick and easy way to transform dark outdoor areas without the mess and inconvenience of wrapping and hanging traditional strands of lights. They’re also ideal for dazzling neighbors without lighting up the entire neighborhood. And, unlike most strands of holiday lights that require regular bulb replacement, the projectors’ LEDs are built to last.

The wand-like remote controls the color and brightness of the LEDs and allows you to set a timer. It’s intuitively laid out and has only a few buttons, all of which are raised for easy identification in the dark. The projector is easy to install on a wall or tree with the included mounting hardware, and it’s simple to move from indoor to outdoor use with the tabletop base and ground stake.

For best results, set the unit at least 20′ from any surface to allow it laser projector light for car to reach its full coverage. Experiment with positioning, as sometimes a foot or so away can provide just as much saturation and brightness. Also note that red beams are less bright than green or blue because they have lower wavelength intensity in the color spectrum.

The patterns on this unit look pretty decent during daylight, but they really shine — so to speak — at night, as their lines and dotted patterns slowly evolve, mesmerizing onlookers. Just make sure you turn it off during the day to avoid blinding other road users.