Jelly Packing Machine

Jelly Packing Machine

The packaging for your jams and jellies is an important aspect of the production process. It can help you preserve the quality of your product and maximize its shelf life, while also reducing waste and increasing customer satisfaction.

A can sealing machine helps you improve your packaging efficiency by eliminating manual sealers and ensuring consistent sealing accuracy. It also minimizes product wastage and spillage.

Pneumatic piston filler

Pneumatic piston filler is an energy-efficient and safe machine for dispensing high-viscosity liquids. It operates solely on compressed air, and is designed with stainless steel and food-grade contact parts to ensure compliance with safety regulations for the dispensing of flammable products. This machine is quick and easy to learn, and has a simple operating mechanism that allows for accurate and consistent filling. It also requires less maintenance than other liquid packaging machines and can be cleaned easily.

This volumetric piston filler is able to fill liquids and viscous products including vaseline jelly, hot soups, jams and spreads, yogurts with fruits, hummus & cheese dips and cottage cheese. The machine is available in different models to accommodate various production sizes and product requirements. The system can be configured with a buffer tank utilizing a level-sensing float, a manifold with direct draw or recirculation methods to deliver product to the pistons.

This model is best suited for use with liquids and semi-solid products that are thicker than gels, like potato or pasta salads, cream cheese based dips, protein smoothies, peanut butter, salsas and other chunky products. It can be used with bottles, jars or tubs of any shape and size, and is suitable for both hot and cold filling. This high-speed filler can dispense products at rates of up to 1 gallon per minute.

Capping machine

A capping machine is a vital part of the packaging process for jams and jellies. It seals the lid to the can body, ensuring that the product is properly sealed and airtight. It also minimizes the risk of contamination and spoilage Jelly Packing Machine by preventing the contents from spilling or leaking. Moreover, it can help you save time and money by automating the packaging process.

A specialized capping machine for jams and jellies includes a coding head that prints code information on the lid using ink or thermal printing technology. This helps prevent errors and ensures that the products are properly labeled with batch codes and expiry dates. This also increases productivity and reduces labor costs.

Various machines can be used in a full packaging line for jams and jellies, including accumulators, banding and sleeving machines, labelers, and capping machines. These machines ensure that the final product is properly packaged and meets industry standards. Moreover, the packaging lines can be designed to accommodate different product sizes and types.

The rotary type jelly packaging machine is a high-speed system that can pack up to 150 bags per minute. This machine is easy to operate and can be set up in a short amount of time. The system is a perfect fit for food manufacturers and producers of flavored syrups, jams, jellies, and beverages. The system features a high-precision scale for weighing the product and an integrated metal detector.


The packaging of jelly is extremely important as it has to be attractive enough and should give consumers the right amount of information about it. Moreover, it has to be made from material that gives good protection and should be of the best quality to satisfy consumer demands. The packing machine should also be able to pack the jelly very quickly so that it can be ready for the market in no time.

A high-speed jelly packing machine is a great investment for small businesses that need to meet large demand for their product. It can handle up to 65 gram packages of jelly beans in just minutes, which is a huge saving of both time and money for companies. It can also be used to package other products such as tea, fruit juices and other liquids.

The jelly packaging machine combines the functions of bag making, filling and sealing together to save space and improve efficiency. It has a high-precision integral rolling heat-sealing roller, which can seal four sides and the back of the bag. It can also handle special-shaped bags, such as those for ice lollies and shampoos. The bag cutting, heating and printing can all be Jelly Packing Machine carried out on the same machine. It can even print a barcode on the bag. The machine is also easy to operate and maintain.


The conveyor of a jelly packaging machine helps transport containers throughout the process, from the cleaning and filling stage to the sealing and capping stage. It can also carry labels and coding machines for attaching printed batch codes and expiry dates to your jelly products. These systems help ensure that your products meet regulatory requirements and are ready for shipping.

A jelly packing machine can automate the packaging process, saving time and reducing labor costs. The machine can also reduce product wastage and spillage, ensuring that your customers receive the right amount of jelly. It can also reduce the risk of contamination by minimizing the chances of dust, dirt, and residue getting into the container.

Moreover, using eco-friendly jelly packages can boost your business’s image by demonstrating your company’s commitment to sustainability. In addition, using glass jars for your jelly products allows the natural colors and textures of the product to shine through, creating a more attractive package that can attract consumers.

The conveyor of a jelly packing machine can transport these containers from the cups stacker unit to the filling station, where they are filled with the product through a pneumatic solenoid filler. After the filling operation is complete, the conveyor carries the cups towards the sealer, where they are sealed using a film. Finally, the conveyor carries the sealed cups towards the ejection unit, where they are ejected.