How to Use a UV Panel in Special Effects Productions

UV panel

When it comes to special effects, a is an incredible tool to use. It can wow audiences and keep them coming back for more. You can find high-quality, high-performance UV Panels from ADJ and use them in creative ways to get the best effect. To get started, take a look at some of the applications of Here are a few suggestions. Listed below are a few different ways to use a UV Panel.

AccuCure Panels

The AccuCure Panel family of products is a highly versatile UV LED flood light source with high-intensity flood UV that offers precision control via a companion controller. The system is available in 365, 385, 400, and 420 nm, but other wavelengths can be custom ordered for OEM applications. The LED head is capable of providing flood UV of various wavelengths, including 420 nm. In addition to offering high-intensity flood UV, AccuCure Panel controllers also provide manual and automatic controls. In addition, the family offers dual wavelength flood panel configurations and hard-to-find wavelengths.

American DJ UV Panel-HP

The American DJ UV Panel-HP throws large quantities of fluorescent UV over a wide area. Its compact, low-profile case lets you place it in virtually any location. It boasts an 800-hour lamp life and an on/off switch. It is an excellent choice for large venues or special effects productions. To get the most out of your new lighting system, check out the following product reviews. This product will give you the light you need at an affordable price.


The AuREUS UV panel has been developed by a student in the Philippines. Its name comes from the aurora borelli, a natural phenomenon characterized by luminous atmospheric particles that absorb high energy ultraviolet light. This UV light eventually degrades into lower energy visible light. In contrast, traditional solar panels only capture visible light. Instead, the AuREUS absorbs stray UV light and converts it into renewable energy.

Multi-tactile panel

The Multi-tactile UV panel is a multi-sensory learning tool that glows under blacklight, and has many tactile features to enhance cognitive development, motor planning, and sensory integration. The panel has eight elements that can be programmed with the eight banks of available sounds, and is framed with soft padding for added comfort. The panels coordinate with other SensasoftTM products, including the Multi-tactile UV panel, and are easy to install on the wall.

Solar panels that make good use of ultraviolet

UV light is found all around us, but traditional solar cells cannot capture it. With the help of a student at the Philippines’ Mapua University, an electrical engineer has developed a solar panel that makes good use of ultraviolet light. UV light is converted into visible light by luminescent particles, which are then used to generate energy. It does so by emitting 1.1 eV of energy. To understand the process of UV light conversion, it is necessary to first understand what makes this type of energy transfer possible.