How to Keep a Hotel Bath Towel Soft and Absorbent

How to Keep a Hotel Bath Towel Soft and Absorbent

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How to Keep a Hotel Bath Towel Soft and Absorbent

When it comes to towels, hotels truly understand the feeling of wrapping yourself in fluffy coziness. They know how to keep their towels soft even after heavy use.

Hotel towels are usually made from a high-quality cotton and have a GSM rating of 500 to 700. The higher the GSM, the plushier and more absorbent your towel will be.


As hotel guests step out of the shower or bathtub, they want to wrap themselves in a towel that’s soft, fluffy, and thick. This is especially true for high-end hotels that want to give their guests a five-star spa experience.

To ensure that their towels are as soft and luxurious as possible, hotels use high-quality materials. This includes cotton and more sophisticated fabrics like Supima that’s softer, fluffier, and cozier than regular cotton. Hotels also employ a specific washing technique that helps their towels retain their softness.

Another important factor is the GSM (grams per square meter) rating of the towel. GSM indicates how heavy and absorbent the towel is, and it’s a good indicator of quality. A higher GSM rating usually means a more expensive towel, but it also offers greater durability and plushness.

For the ultimate comfort, a hotel bath towel should be made with low-twist cotton. This means that the cotton hotel bath towel fibres are combed to remove shorter threads and impurities, which makes them more durable and less prone to fraying. Our Forte and Mikado towels are made with this high-quality cotton, which also makes them extra soft and fluffy.

Other important factors to consider when purchasing towels for your hotel include its size, the weight, and the texture. We recommend selecting a bath towel with a dobby border to add a touch of luxury and elegance to your hotel bathroom.


The size of a hotel towel plays a big role in how it feels and performs. You want a towel that is large enough to cover your body and will absorb water quickly. However, a large towel doesn’t have to be bulky or feel rough on the skin. The right combination of texture, weight, and absorbency will make your towels both comfortable and luxurious.

When shopping for hotel-style towels, look for one made of a high-quality cotton. Cotton towels are more durable and soft to the touch than other materials. They also hold up to repeated washes and don’t lose their fluffiness over time. The type of cotton also determines how soft the towel is and how quickly it dries. Look for a towel that is made of a premium fiber, such as Supima or Egyptian cotton.

In addition to bath towels, hotels may also use washcloths, face or hand towels, and bath mats. Washcloths are small, square towels that are used to help guests wash their hands or face. They are typically 12 or 13 inches on each side. Hand towels are larger than washcloths and are usually used to dry hands after washing. Face or wash towels are smaller than hand towels and are used to help guests apply soap to their bodies. Bath mats are used to keep the floors clean and dry, preventing slips and falls.


The weight of your hotel bath towels can have a significant impact on how soft and absorbent they are. Measured in GSM (Grams per Square Metre), the higher the GSM, the thicker and softer your towel will be. Towels with a high GSM rating will feel more plush and absorb water quickly, but they may also take longer to dry than thinner towels.

For hotels, it’s important to choose a cotton variety that can stand up to heavy usage. You’ll want to opt for ringspun cotton, which has longer fibers and produces a softer, more absorbent finish. You should also look for a 100% organic cotton or cotton-rayon blend, which is safer for the environment and your guests’ skin.

If you’re stocking up on resort-quality bath towels for a hotel or bed and breakfast, consider opting for a towel set that uses Hygro Cotton. This towel fabric has a unique hollow core that allows it to absorb moisture faster than other types of cotton. Not only does this create a soft, luxurious feel, but it also helps the towels retain their shape and size after frequent washings.

Spa bath towels are designed with a bright and sunny feel, so they’ll be perfect for your guests who hotel bath towel want to relax by the pool. They’re typically made from premium ringspun cotton yarns for maximum whiteness and have a light, fluffy texture that’s great for summer. These towels tend to weigh between 5 and 20 lb. per dozen and are more absorbent than regular bath towels.


There’s nothing quite like the plush feel of a hotel towel. Wrapping up in one feels like cuddling a cloud, and it’s this feeling that gives hotels their reputation as the best place to get a good night’s sleep.

The type of towel a hotel uses is based on their budget and star rating, with five-star hotels using the finest Egyptian cotton towels. Four and three-star hotels typically use American cottons, which have a similar feel.

Aside from material, the texture of a hotel towel can make or break its overall look and feel. There are two common towel textures, cam border and dobby border. Cam-border towels have a flat, separate weave section that offers a different feel to the towel than the terry looped portion. The dobby-border towel has a decorative pattern woven into the flat, separate weave area that adds to its luxury appeal.

Both of these towels offer exceptional absorbency. However, dobby-border towels can hold water better due to their thicker fabric. Cam-border towels are lighter in weight and can dry quicker than dobby-border towels.

If you’re looking for a towel that has the look and feel of the hotels your guests love, consider Coyuchi’s Cloud Loom bath towel set. They’re made from a rare, earthy-colored brown cotton that’s ultra-soft and incredibly absorbent. They’re a little more expensive than other options, but they provide the same luxurious experience that guests expect from hotels and help to make your hotel, bed and breakfast or Airbnb feel like a home away from home.