How to Choose a Laser Cutting Machine Manufacturer

Laser cutting machine manufacturer

If you’re thinking of purchasing a laser cutting machine, you should consider the following factors to make the best decision. First, consider the manufacturer’s experience in the field. How many years have they been manufacturing laser machines? Does the company have a good reputation for customer service? What are the main differences between a manufacturer and a supplier? And what are the main benefits of each manufacturer’s products? Let’s find out.

Dongguan Mactron Tech

Dongguan Mactron Technology Co., Ltd. is a new hi-tech enterprise that combines CNC, precision machinery, and laser technology. The company specializes in industrial laser equipment, custom automation devices, and fiber laser cutting machines. It has two distinct brands: Mactron and Xiaolong. Founded in 2008, the company combines a comprehensive knowledge of the industry with an extensive product line.

The company was founded by engineers with extensive experience in CNC machining. They specialize in laser cutting machines for a variety of industries. Their laser cutting machine line has advanced features such as 3D workpieces and special profiles. They even provide post-cutting chamfering and tapping. They have over 30 branches worldwide. The company’s laser cutting machines are sold around the world. You can purchase one from the company’s online store or at its showroom.

Lead Laser

One of the advantages of a high-quality lead laser cutting machine is its long vertical stroke. With this feature, you can place the pre-formed sheet on the cutting table within reach of the laser beam. In addition, the layout of the machine is symmetrical, making maintenance points on either side accessible. Furthermore, the machine is equipped with an auto-lubrication system, which simplifies the normal maintenance process. Its self-centering feeding chuck is capable of clamping a wide range of profiles and its clamping force can be adjusted. Lastly, the auto-focus cutting head is equipped with an integrated capacitive distance sensor to maintain its position throughout production.

Generally, laser cutting machines are more expensive than other cutting machines, so the initial investment is high. Operating costs are also high, which makes them unsuitable for small operations. However, you’ll enjoy the benefits of high-quality cut without extensive secondary processing. Laser cutters can cut through thicker materials, but work hardened edges may not be a good choice for all applications. However, parts that need further processing will require surface treatment. Ultimately, this will increase your processing costs and turn-around time.

YLM Group

In South Africa alone, there are 60 YLM laser cutting machines in operation. These machines are used by a variety of industries, including general engineering, fabrication, racking and shelving, automotive, rail and shipping. The YLM Group is a global supplier of high-quality laser cutting machines. To make the manufacturing process more efficient, the company uses a working cell concept, which uses a robot in a fully automated environment.

The YLM laser cutting machine has an advanced nested software for fully automatic parameter adjustment and automatic calibration of cutting head height. The software makes it easy for operators to design the characters or graphs they want. It can also fully utilize the material used. Its automatic height adjustment function guarantees the highest cutting quality. It is easy to operate and maintain. YLM Group offers a variety of options for customization.


As a leading, Messer has a strong support system. The company has eight application engineers on staff to help customers with specific problems, from debugging programs to teaching machine operators how to run the machine. Another important trend in the metal processing industry is automated storage and retrieval systems. While big companies have been implementing these systems for years, midsize and smaller factories are also looking at them. Messer has a partnership with Remmert, a German company that builds automated storage and retrieval systems, so they can be installed on a variety of Messer machines.

One of Messer’s latest innovations is its Evolution Plasma Cutting Table, which offers increased productivity through faster traversing speeds. This table allows for precise hole cutting and ensures that the work area is smoke-free. The company also uses the latest technologies to reduce downtime and improve productivity. LBT was particularly interested in the new MetalMaster Xcel, which includes a high-resolution touchscreen for a full range of cutting functions.

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