How Powerful Is a Metal Laser Cutter?

When you are looking for a, you need to determine how powerful it is. Considering that different materials require different levels of power, you’ll need to know which materials are suitable for cutting with a laser. Here are some tips for choosing the right

High power

The S series high power metal laser cutter is designed to cut thick metal sheets with speed, accuracy and safety in mind. This machine has an impressive power range from four to fifteen thousand watts and a maximum cutting thickness of 50mm for aluminum, brass and stainless steel. Its guide rails and servo motors are from well-known international brands. It is also equipped with full-glass cover for safety and protection from laser radiation.

Low power

For cutting thin metal sheets, fiber laser cutting is the best option. It cuts very thin sheets of metal at a high speed and depends on the type of material and its power. The following are the benefits of using a fiber laser for cutting thin metal sheets. They can make your project easier and save you time. Learn more about this cutting method. You’ll love it! Just follow the steps below to cut metal sheets in half.


A metal laser cutter works by applying high-frequency pulses of light on a material. A laser can cut iron like mud. Since metal is a good heat conductor, the energy placed in the target area is dispersed throughout the material. A higher energy density is required for large areas than for small ones. The laser can also be programmed to adjust its frequency and power to match the target area’s shape.


One of the most important features of a metal laser cutter is its resolution. This feature determines how fine the cut can be. If the laser can’t produce a sharp enough cut, it will not cut properly. Using an inert gas, however, prevents this from happening. By burning off the top layer of the material, inert gases cool the cut while keeping the laser power low. These gases also help maintain a steady cutting speed.


If you’re in need of a custom metal product, the cost of a metal laser cutter can be one of the largest expenses you’ll have to make. While this machine can be very useful, there are several factors to consider before purchasing one. For starters, you’ll want to consider how much the laser will cost per layer. The number of layers will also impact the cost. The laser can cut up to 1,565 pounds of material at a time, which may require waterjet cutting for thicker materials. Finally, you’ll need to consider shipping costs and how much time it takes to process your order. While this is an additional expense, it can be avoided if you’re planning to buy a lot of materials at once.