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Hotel Door Locks

hotel door locks

Hotel Door Locks

When choosing a hotel door lock system, business owners must consider how convenient access should be for guests and how much control employees will need with regard to management of credentials. Here are some of the top options on the market.

Cookie-cutter hotel stays are out of style, and BLE locks can help you meet guest expectations without the costs and hassles of replacing existing hardware. Read on to learn more.

1. Keypads

A modern security lock option that enables guests to enter their rooms with their smartphones. Bluetooth low energy locks require that guests download an app to unlock doors, but this is less of a hurdle than in the past when many people refused to install hotel apps on their phones due to lack of smartphone literacy, app fatigue or unintuitive user experience.

Unlike keycard systems, keypad locks can be installed on a wider range of doors. This type of lock system requires no power source other than batteries, so it’s a great solution for short term hotel door locks rental properties or hotels that want to cut down on operational costs and maintenance.

When choosing a keypad lock system, consider the reputation of its manufacturer. Look for a company that has been around a while and has a solid track record of satisfied customers. Also, make sure the lock system you choose is compatible with your property management system. This will enable you to encode keys, fobs and other access credentials in real time and manage guest access effectively.

2. Card Systems

Hotel door locks using RFID, magstripe, pin code and Bluetooth technology offer numerous operational benefits. With integrations with management software, these technologies streamline check-in processes and automate keycard encoding. They also enable hotels to monitor and control access to guest rooms and restricted zones more effectively, granting or revoking access in real time.

Many of these advanced lock systems promote energy-saving initiatives as well, adjusting room settings and lighting according to occupancy. This not only improves guest comfort and convenience but also contributes to a greener, more sustainable business model.

A popular choice for smart hotel doors, RFID locks use radio waves to communicate digital credentials stored on a physical card with the door-mounted reader, which grants access. These systems are less costly than magstripe locks and less vulnerable to glitchy cards that cause guests to get locked out of their rooms. They can also be remotely deactivated if a guest loses their card or checks out without turning it in. This makes them a great solution for budget-conscious hotels looking to upgrade from traditional keys and locks.

3. Magnstripe Locks

Although magstripe locks are still used in many hotels, forward-thinking property owners began to migrate away from them in 2006 to RFID lock systems. This is because magnetic stripe keycards are easily demagnetized by phones and other electronic devices, which makes them less reliable. This can result in guests having to come back to the front desk for new keys on a regular basis, which negatively impacts guest satisfaction and creates extra work for hotel staff.

Alternatively, RFID hotel door locks offer superior security and a more convenient experience for your guests. They require a chip to store information and are able to be remotely updated from centralized management systems. These locks are ADA-compliant and can be customized to suit the style of your property.

Whether you’re looking to upgrade your existing locks or want to integrate mobile access into your existing hotel security system, dormakaba has an array of smart, BLE-enabled digital locks to choose from. Powered by our mobile check-in and access solutions, like Operto Boost, these locks provide an enhanced guest experience and eliminate the need for guests to return to your front desk during their stay.

4. Electric Locks

Hotel electric locks are a popular choice for hotels as they offer more control and sturdiness than other lock systems. They work by combining the best of mechanical and electronic technology. They have a locking cylinder with special programmable keys and a bolt that retracts when an hotel door locks electrical current is applied. These locks are also able to be reprogrammed in the case of an emergency.

They also feature an easy-to-use keypad that allows guests to enter a PIN code to get into their rooms. Some even allow you to add random numbers to the PIN to keep pranks at bay. They can also be used with a regular power bank to keep them running in the case of a power outage.

Choosing the right hotel door lock system will depend on your priorities and budget. The more advanced models will cost more, but will be easier to manage and monitor. You can also decide whether you want your guests to use a magstripe, a PIN code or a smartphone app to unlock their room.

5. Keyless Entry

Unlike traditional hotel door locks that use mechanical key cards to open and lock doors, keyless entry systems allow guests to access their vacation rental rooms using digital tools such as an app or a code typed into the smart lock keypad. These systems make the check-in experience easier for both hotels and their guests.

Hotel managers also have the ability to manage access remotely via a central system, allowing them to notice any unauthorized activity and grant or revoke access for rooms and other hotel facilities. This allows staff to respond quickly and avoid unnecessary disruptions for their guests.

Salto’s electric locks are ADA compliant and work with both card and mobile credentials, removing the risk of lockpicking or other security risks. They have a slim design that works well on narrower doors, and they’re customizable online from finish to technology to handle style. They can also be connected to a system like Operto, which gives hoteliers the ability to control their hotel rooms and guest surveys from anywhere in the world. Having a hotel safety lock that can connect to these systems will make your business more secure and give guests the confidence they need to enjoy their stay with you.