Hotel Door Lock System

Hotel Door Lock System

hotel door lock system

Hotel Door Lock System

The hotel door lock system is a key component to the guest experience. It enables guests to easily and quickly get into their rooms without requiring the staff’s help.

Magstripe locks are the most commonly used lock systems. However, they can be vulnerable to loss and theft. Smart locks that combine a mobile app with the locking system are newer and have many advantages.


Keypads provide a simple, cost-effective option for hotel room door locks. They allow guests to unlock their rooms using a sequence of numbers that are automatically assigned by the hotel, similar to membership card maker a PIN code lock system. This type of smart hotel locking system is ideal for small hotels, motels, bed and breakfasts, or vacation rentals. Staff can easily manage credentials and revoke them remotely in case of an unauthorized user, which makes it easier to ensure the safety of guests.

These types of locks are less vulnerable to hacking than mag stripe cards because they don’t rely on a magnetic track. However, it’s still possible for criminals to scavenge keys and cards from disposed locks to gain access to a room. This vulnerability was exposed in a widely publicized attack several years ago. The perpetrator used just $50 USD in hardware to build a skeleton key for Onity locks, which were commonly used in hotels and apartment complexes at that time.

In contrast, a modern digital hotel lock system uses a smartphone to grant entry, which helps reduce the likelihood of lost or stolen keycards and also eliminates the need for a fallback check-in process like a front desk. For larger businesses, a hotel smart lock keypad that utilizes mobile credentials can be connected to a central platform that allows staff to monitor and adjust guest permissions and provide additional in-app services like remote check-in, amenity booking, and customer support.


The hotel door lock system is one of the most important aspects of a hospitality business. It plays a crucial role in increasing property value and improving customer experience. It also provides security and safety for both guests and staff members. Many hotels upgrade their locks at least once a decade. But upgrading hardware can be expensive. Fortunately, there are ways to minimize the cost of these upgrades.

The newer electric lock systems with sensors and chip cards are easy to install, battery-powered, and allow for remote locking and unlocking. They can be controlled via a hotel app, and they don’t require keys. They can even be programmed to lock or unlock at a certain time automatically. These locks are also ADA compliant.

Compared to traditional mechanical lock systems, they are more efficient and less expensive. They can also reduce energy consumption by controlling lights, air conditioning and window treatments. They can even help you meet your business goals for being green.

Dormakaba is a company that offers digital electronic lock solutions for hotels. They work on RFID technology and can be accessed using a card or smartphone. They are also easy to program and can be synchronized with your PMS. They come in a variety of styles, and you can choose the one that best suits your needs and visual taste.

Electric door locks with sensors and chip cards

Electric door locks with sensors and chip cards provide a more secure option than traditional keycards, fobs, or mechanical locks. These devices use radio frequency technology to communicate with a sensor on the door to verify authorization and unlock the lock. These systems are ideal for hoteliers who want to offer a high-tech guest experience and reduce the risk of theft in their properties.

Some modern electronic hotel locks also have built-in backup batteries that are rechargeable so they continue to work even if the power goes out. This is a great feature for hotels that focus on sustainability and want to demonstrate their commitment to the environment.

Hotel door lock systems can be integrated with property management software and operations management tools to automate processes and ensure a smooth guest experience. They can also be connected to mobile apps that let guests use their smartphones as room keys. In recent years, many travelers have gotten used to digital hotel amenities. As a result, BLE locks have gained popularity among hoteliers looking for innovative ways to meet their guest’s needs.

These locks have a built-in backup battery that can be charged via an electrical outlet or by using a special remote control. They are more convenient than traditional locks because they don’t require a key or any access item like a fob or a membership card maker smartphone to open them. In addition, they are easy to reprogramme. This is a benefit for hoteliers who want to keep the door open for guests who arrive late.

Godrej Main Door Locks

The Godrej main door locks are the best in India, providing the safety foundation for millions of Indian homes. They combine the latest safety technology with immense body strength and elegant aesthetics. They are available in a variety of sizes and designs to suit your needs. They also come with a wide range of accessories to meet your specific security requirements.

These locks are ideal for hotels & resorts as they enable guests to enter the room with just a card, unlike conventional lock where they need to carry a key with them. The network lock system also enables you to know ‘When and who entered which room’ in real time, instead of knowing it only after the fact.

Godrej locks are available at a variety of security levels to provide maximum protection. Level 1 is a basic lock, Level 2 offers dimple key technology for added security, and Level 3 provides high-level electronic security. The locks feature anti-theft features and a hardened shackle that resist hacksaw attacks.

Godrej also offers interconnecting hotel lock systems that allow you to control multiple doors from a single device. They use BLE mesh networking and cloud-based security, making it easier to operate a hotel with a leaner staff and lower operational costs. These systems are perfect for hotels, hostels, resorts, vacation rentals, apartments, and more.