Furniture Panel Types – Veneer, MDF, SuperStruct and LP (r) SuperStruct

furniture panel

There are many types of furniture panels available, and understanding which type to buy can be helpful when selecting a new piece of furniture. There are chipboard, Veneer, MDF and LP (r) SuperStruct, to name a few. The differences between these wood-based panels are significant, and understanding the various types and their uses can help you make a decision based on the aesthetics of your room and your taste.


A veneer is a material that mimics the grain of natural wood. It is also made of engineered wood, which can be mass-produced to have uniform designs and little individuality. Generally, veneers are made of three layers: a base layer made of brown paper that is coated with phenolic resin. The second layer is decorated with a pattern or design. These layers are then glued together and shaped into the desired form.


The benefits of MDF over other types of wood are numerous, but some should be considered before installing this material. For one, MDF is more resistant to cracking across its fibres, resulting in a cleaner, more attractive finished product. Another benefit is that MDF screws require pilot holes, which decrease the risk of the material splitting when screwed into it. However, screws can still cause the material to split, so be sure to use straight shanked screws.


If you are looking to make your own furniture, chipboard is an excellent option. The material is widely available and is surprisingly inexpensive. Prices vary depending on the application and decor surface. You can buy chipboard in various widths, woodgrain or in a variety of colours. The panel is also suitable for mass production, which makes it a great choice for those on a budget. In addition to its affordability, chipboard is environmentally friendly, using plantation woods. This makes it an excellent choice for health conscious people who want to make their furniture eco-friendly.

LP (r) SuperStruct (r)

The LP SuperStruct is engineered specifically for the upholstered furniture industry. Its high-quality construction provides consistent flatness and uniformity without the knots and defects that typically plague plywood. There are three performance grades to choose from, including premium, midgrade and economical. The LP SuperStruct Panel is an excellent choice for many types of furniture applications because of its consistent quality and low price.


The DendroLight(r) for furniture panels are solid wood panels with a unique core material sandwiched between two deck layers. This product offers a light weight, low-glue content, and extra homogeneous panel dimensions. Its unique structure avoids parallel fibre swelling on the outer layer and is extremely stable, ensuring a smooth and level surface. Because of these properties, DendroLight is an ideal choice for furniture panels in a wide range of interior design applications.


If you’re in the market for new furniture, consider a Niaga(r)-tagged furniture panel. Its unique tagging identifies the contents of the panel, making it easy to replace if you need to. It’s also easier to return the panel, thanks to its easy-to-remove top layer. And with no added formaldehyde, the Niaga(r) technology can even be used for recycling.