Frameless LED SEG Fabric Light Box

Frameless LED SEG Fabric Light Box

Capture your audience’s attention with a Frameless LED SEG Fabric Light Box. These backlit displays use silicone edge graphics that are printed for high resolution, density and contrast beyond what normal substrates can offer.

They also feature a power cord that’s attached directly to the lightbox. This allows them to ship unassembled, which reduces shipping costs.

Frameless Design

Backlit Fabric Light Boxes are trending as a visual display solution for large, bold graphics that capture the attention of passersby. These displays are perfect for retail stores, corporate offices, health and medical facilities, exhibits and trade shows, as well as art galleries and museums.

These lightweight structures can be assembled and installed by a single person, and they come in ultra-thin designs that look sleek and attractive. They can be mounted on walls, suspended from ceilings, freestanding or on a stand. They also offer lower shipping costs compared to traditional rigid signage.

The backlit frame consists of an aluminum extrusion that supports a silicone edge graphic (SEG) with SEG Fabric Light Box an ultra-thin face. The SEG is a tension fabric printed with dye sublimation, and it inserts into a narrow groove on the back of the frame for a taut and smooth appearance. This creates a virtually frameless appearance, and the graphics are illuminated from behind for a brighter, more uniform look.

The advantage of a fabric SEG is that it can be easily changed in minutes by someone with no experience. This makes them a great choice for commercial or personal uses, especially when the images or text will be changing frequently. They are also a lot less bulky than Snap Frame designs, and they can lie flat on the mounting structure.


The SEG Fabric Light Box is a wall mounted display that has an aluminum frame with backlit custom printed silicone edge graphics. It is a popular choice for retail environments where you can highlight upcoming events, new products and create brand awareness with an engaging LED backlit signage. The unique construction of these displays is versatile, easy to assemble and graphic replacement or updates are simple.

The graphics are printed with dye sublimation and have a thin silicone strip sewn around the perimeter that fits into a groove on the edge of the framing system. This provides a virtually frameless appearance that looks more upscale and professional than other forms of backlit signage. This type of display also utilizes LED technology to minimize reflected light and create attention-grabbing graphics that look vibrant even under direct lighting.

This type of display is ideal for retail environments as well as corporate and trade show use. It is also an effective solution for event / trade show booths where you can create a branded look and feel with illuminated signage that can be easily moved from location to location as needed.

Charisma Single Sided LED SEG Fabric Banner Displays are custom made and can be shipped flat for ease of transport. These backlit illuminated signage displays come with a durable 100mm aluminum extrusion frame with one large seamless push-fit backlit fabric graphic with LED edge lighting. They are perfect for retail environments, corporate and trade show applications where you need an illuminated messaging solution that can be easily broken down for storage when not in use.

Easy to Assemble

If you’re looking for an easy-to-assemble backlit frame with custom silicone edge graphics that can be easily swapped out or removed when new graphics are needed, look no further than the Charisma Slim LED SEG Fabric Light Box. This backlit display ships knocked down to make shipping inexpensive and the simple assembly process will have you up and running in just minutes.

This frame is ideal for backlit wall mounting and hangs from the ceiling or can be set up on a table top. It has a sturdy 100mm extrusion base, one large push-fit, dye sublimation printed fabric graphic and an integrated backlit LED light strip that lights up the frame perimeter. This backlit frame can be machine washed (recommended), switched out, swapped, and stored with ease.

The silicone beading along the edge of the fabric graphic simply pushes into a recessed groove on the frame for quick assembly. Starting in the corners first, tuck the fabric into the aluminum frames and continue to work SEG Fabric Light Box around the edge of the frame for a seamless look. Once the fabric is tucked in and there are no creases, your display is ready to go.


The lights in SEG fabric light boxes are recessed into the frame for an unobtrusive appearance. They are also energy-efficient, using only a small amount of power. The LED lights emit very little heat, and they produce a bright white light with high color saturation. They are easy to replace if they become damaged, which reduces overall maintenance costs. The light box can be used in many settings, including retail shopping centers, office showrooms, airports and more.

The SEG light boxes come in a wide range of sizes, and they can be double-sided, wall-mounted or free-standing. They are available in both standard and premium models. The difference between the two types is mainly based on the number of lights and their quality.

SEG fabric light boxes have a sleek, stylish appearance and are ideal for businesses that need to show off large-scale graphics in high-traffic areas. They can be easily assembled and disassembled, which makes them a good option for businesses that want to change their signage frequently. They are also a great choice for environments where ambient lighting is low, such as museums and other high-end stores. In addition, they are extremely durable and can withstand a lot of traffic. Because of these advantages, they are a popular choice for businesses like Macy’s, H&M, Nike, and Apple.