Fast and Furious Arcade Games

Fast and Furious Arcade Games

Whether you want to race your friends head-to-head or take on the computer, racing games offer high-octane excitement. They range from re-creating real-world racing leagues to fantastical virtual worlds.

Depending on the game, you may use joysticks or more advanced input devices such as wheels or pedals. Some even have a simulator to simulate the feel of driving.

Fast & Furious Super Cars Arcade

Fast & Furious Super Cars puts technology and muscle in one 42″ high-def cabinet that looks great in your home. A performance 4-gear speed shifter, a racing steering wheel with rumble, and gas and brake pedals create a realistic driving experience.

The game includes 18 courses from the last two arcade games plus Mulholland Drive. It’s also linkable to eight players with our standard PIN account system that builds player loyalty without expensive and high-maintenance card systems. Wi-Fi leaderboards are available to challenge friends from around the world.

GRID Arcade

While it may lack a full story mode and some of the more innovative gameplay features found in its predecessor, Grid Legends still delivers an exhilarating racing experience. The game’s nemesis system, which creates enemies after repeated contact, adds another layer of tension to races while the grittier, worn in presentation of vehicles brings added authenticity.

There’s something absurd about a Racing Game Machine field of GT3 cars smashing through cramped streets in Barcelona, or battling it out in Shanghai while the city’s skyline glows like a forest of neon. Grid is a masterful racer that gets to the heart of motorsport’s magic.

Fast & Furious Super Cars 2 Arcade

Rev up your home arcade with this The Fast and the Furious game from Arcade1Up. It features Thrill-D motion and 2 massive screens to let you feel like you’re in the driver’s seat of exotic locations from the movies. You can even link up to 4 machines together through a local network.

Showdown wouldn’t serve as a direct movie tie-in, though it would let you play as different characters from the franchise. Unfortunately, Dominic Toretto was missing from the line-up.

Fast & Furious Super Cars 3 Arcade

A generic car heist video game does not a Fast and Furious experience make. The movie franchise’s brand may have boosted sales of this otherwise mediocre arcade release, but it fails to deliver the action and excitement that fans would expect.

A performance 4-gear speed shifter and racing steering wheel with rumble give players a realistic driving experience. Players can also choose their favorite licensed vehicle and customize it with more than 50 upgrades. This 42” DLX cabinet is linkable to eight players.

Fast & Furious Super Cars 4 Arcade

There are few genres that are as uniquely suited to arcade gaming as racing. Whether you’re a serious simulator like Maximum Tune or a kooky caricature like Cruis’n USA, there’s nothing quite as exciting as grabbing the wheel and racing down a wild track.

This cabinet from Arcade1Up is branded with the Fast and Furious branding, but it’s not the original classic arcade game they advertise as it’s Tokyo drift with added race tracks. It also doesn’t have all the cars they imply and is not linkable as advertised.

Fast & Furious Super Cars 5 Arcade

Race along Racing Game Machine wild tracks in a game experience unlike anything else. With exciting Thrill-D motion and massive screens, you will feel like you are really in the driver’s seat!

With 27 scorching races to test your skills, 10 exotic customizable super cars and over 20 player achievements to unlock, this is one Fast & Furious game that can be enjoyed by both casual fans and dedicated driving machine devotees. The game also supports link play between two cabinets for a competitive experience. It also features a numeric keypad for PIN-protected player profiles to store scores and locations.

Fast & Furious Super Cars 6 Arcade

If you’re a big fan of the Fast and Furious movies then you’ll love this arcade racing game from Raw Thrills. It’s a little bit expensive but you get 27 tracks and 10 licensed cars that can be linked up to 8 players through a local network.

Like the iPhone game Pink Slip before it, Fast & Furious: Adrenaline takes inspiration from the films and attempts to do its own thing within that cinematic universe. The result is a well-received racing game.

Fast & Furious Super Cars 7 Arcade

The Fast and Furious movie franchise seems tailormade for a solid video game. But Crossroads doesn’t deliver.

It was developed and published by Raw Thrills and released in July 2004. It’s based on Eugene Jarvis’ Cruis’n series and is playable with up to eight machines linked together.

This latest edition aims to rekindle your interest in Dominic Toretto and co with 27 scorching race courses, 10 new Super Cars, and updated cabinet art. The game also retains the pin pad save system, allowing players to earn money and unlock upgrades faster.

Fast & Furious Super Cars 8 Arcade

The Fast and Furious franchise combines technology and muscle to bring moviegoers into the driver’s seat of some wild rides. This game from Raw Thrills features exciting Thrill-D motion and two massive screens to make players feel like they are behind the wheel in exotic locations.

The game includes 27 scorching tracks, 10 exotic customizable Super Cars and 20 player achievements that add an extra challenge. The game also supports up to eight players for a true competitive arcade experience.

This machine is a great addition to any home entertainment center. Just don’t expect the same experience as you would in an actual game center.

Fast & Furious Super Cars 9 Arcade

Few genres are more suited to arcade gaming than racing, and the Fast and Furious franchise provides plenty of opportunity for high-octane fun. This deluxe model includes a light-up marquee, faux coin door, and performance 4-gear speed shifter, plus a racing steering wheel with rumble and gas and brake pedals.

This update to the original Drift is another arcade game from Raw Thrills, this time with seven tracks set in Japan and new cars. It also retains a pin pad save system, which allows players to store money earned through the game.