Emark Led Work Lamp

Emark Led Work Lamp

Emark Led Work Lamp

Emark Led Work Lamp

If you want to add more light to your work truck, then a Emark Led Work Lamp may be right for you. These lights are great for utility trucks and can be installed in minutes. They also come with a warranty and are E-mark approved. This means that they meet the strict standards of the European Union.

Adjustable brightness level

Unlike traditional lights, LED lamps can be adjusted to fit the needs of any workspace. They have three Emark Led Work Lamp different color temperature modes – cool white, warm white, and natural daylight. Cool white emits a vibrancy that is perfect for spaces that need crisp illumination, while warm white offers comforting lighting for bedrooms and living rooms. Finally, natural daylight is great for areas that require a bright yet natural light. These lamps are also energy-efficient, using up to 85% less electricity than traditional incandescent bulbs.


Designed for ultimate flexibility, this LED work lamp features a gooseneck neck that allows you to position the light zone where you need it. This flexible lighting allows you to focus on tasks at hand while eliminating glare and eye strain. The smart LED lighting also lasts longer than traditional bulbs and consumes 85% less energy. It’s the perfect addition to your workspace and is great for reading, writing or working.

This LED light is perfect for a variety of uses, including industrial and commercial applications. It can withstand harsh environments, with vibration and salt water spray resistance. Its compact size makes it easy to mount and is ideal for a crowded workspace. It’s also battery powered, which means you can use it on the go!

Another unique feature of this LED work lamp is its multiple color options. You can choose from cool white, warm white, and daylight to suit your needs. Cool white is ideal for bright spaces that need crisp illumination, while warm white provides a more comforting glow. The daylight option is ideal for office settings and mimics the natural quality of sunlight. This allows for improved visual clarity and helps reduce fatigue. These features are ideal for those who spend a lot of time in the workplace and need to stay productive.


The Emark Led Work Lamp is a powerful and durable work light that can be used in various applications. It has a compact square shape and is designed to be resistant to vibrations. It also has a polycarbonate shell and is multi-voltage. This means that it can be connected to 12 or 24 volts. It is also certified by E-mark.

To use this work light, simply press the power button. This will turn on the bright white/blue-tinted light setting. The power and dial LED indicator lights will then glow blue. If you want to change to the softer yellow light setting, press the power button again. The work light will remember the last brightness level settings that you have set.

The Emark LED light bar has an IP68 rating, which means that it can withstand dust and water ingress. It is extremely durable and has a very long lifespan. It is encased in a corrosion-resistant aluminum housing and is Emark Led Work Lamp fitted with a hardened polycarbonate lens. It is also equipped with a high-performance LED, which provides up to 3800 lumens.


The Emark LED work lamp is covered by a limited warranty. The manufacturer will replace the product if it fails due to workmanship or materials within the specified warranty period. This warranty does not cover the use of the light in severe applications, such as those where corrosive chemicals and petroleum products are used.

The lamp has a circular power button and stationary dial that adjusts the brightness level of the lights. When plugged in but not turned on, the power and dial LED indicator lights shine red. A press of the button turns on the bright white/slightly blue-tinted light, and the dial can be used to set the desired brightness level. Tapping the button again selects the softer, yellow light.

This versatile lamp is perfect for work trucks, municipal or commercial fleets, road service vehicles, agriculture, forestry, mining, construction and virtually any vehicle application. It can be mounted flat on a bumper for driving or work light use, or positioned on a side or rear mount for trailer haulers. It is also multi-voltage, so it can be connected to either 12 or 24 volts.