Dual Row LED Light Bar

Dual Row LED Light Bar

Light bars are an essential accessory for off-road vehicles. They provide bright, powerful illumination and broad visibility to help drivers see hazards and obstacles in the dark.

Single-row light bars offer a more discreet option that can blend in with the look of any vehicle. They also tend to be cheaper than dual-row bars with double the number of LEDs.

Optical Design

A Dual Row Light Bar features two horizontal rows of LED lights stacked on top of each other in one unit. This type of lighting provides bright and powerful illumination for drivers to see the trail ahead and any roadside hazards or obstacles. This LED light bar is designed to be mounted on the bumper or hood of vehicles and comes in a variety of sizes.

The DV8 Offroad Elite Series 20-Inch Dual Row LED Light Bar mounts to the front or rear of your vehicle and produces 16,800 raw lumens to illuminate the road and track ahead. This light bar uses high efficiency OSRAM P8 LED chips and has a reflective surface that directs more light where you need it most. The bezel-less design reduces ambient heat to extend the life of the light bar and the 6061 extruded aluminum housing resists corrosion from road debris.

Single-Row Light Bars

The single-row option is the less expensive choice and also has the advantage of fitting more easily into a tight space on your vehicle. However, these bars tend to have lower luminosity than the dual-row option.

Choosing the right size dual-row LED light bar for your vehicle requires careful consideration. It’s vital to measure the mounting area carefully before making a purchase. If you don’t do this, your new light bar may not fit or look out of proportion with your vehicle. Increasing the amount of weight on your vehicle’s roof can also create aerodynamic drag that will have a noticeable impact on fuel economy.

LED Technology

The LED lights used in these light bars are made from solid-state technology, so they’re much more durable than halogen or HID bulbs that contain glass bulbs and filaments. They also have better shock and vibration resistance, which is important for off-roading or driving over corrugated surfaces. Because they don’t contain any fragile components, LED lights are also more resistant to heat and can be run for a longer period of time than other types of lights.

Single-row LED light bars have a single strip of LED bulbs and can be mounted in places where larger lights cannot fit. These lights usually have a smaller profile and can be hidden in corners or under other vehicle accessories. Single Row Led Light Bar However, this does mean that they don’t have as much lumen output as their dual-row counterparts.

Double-row LED light bars have two strips of LED bulbs stacked on top of each other and can be found in a variety of lengths. These lights are generally more expensive than single-row LED light bars, but the extra row of LED’s makes them more powerful. These lights are also available in a range of styles including straight and curved.

Choosing the right light bar for your vehicle can be a difficult process. It’s important to carefully measure the spot where you intend to mount it to make sure that it will be a suitable fit. It’s also a good idea to browse images of different LED light bar designs online before making your decision.

Light Output

Whether you’re exploring a remote trail well into the night, plowing your gravel driveway while commuters are asleep or working on an off-road construction project in the middle of the night, having a powerful light bar helps you see the path ahead. You’ll also be able to spot obstacles and terrain changes more easily.

LED lights are powerful and come in a variety of shapes and sizes. The type you choose depends on your lighting needs and aesthetic preferences. LED Equipped carries single- and dual-row lights in lengths from 12 to 60 inches. Before purchasing, measure the space where you want to mount the light bar to ensure it will fit. Some models have straight or curved ends, while others are angled to match the contour of your vehicle’s roof.

A dual-row LED light bar has twice as many bulbs as a single-row model and offers more illumination. They’re available in a variety of brightness levels, and some have a strobing function to help you navigate tricky terrain in low-light conditions.

These lights are designed to last, and their construction includes military-grade aluminum and oversized heat sink fins. The thermal management system is critical, as an LED’s maximum luminous flux (brightness) is only reached when it is kept cool. They’re also available in a variety of beam patterns, including solo spot, flood and combo.


Whether mounted on the roof of your Jeep or in the middle of your windshield, a dual row LED light bar is an excellent way to add extra illumination. These bars are instantly on and off, and they consume less power than HID or halogen lights. They also require less maintenance since they don’t need bulbs or filaments. They have a long lifespan of 50,000+ hours, and most come with a rugged powder-coat finish that protects the surface from damage.

These bars are available in a wide variety of sizes — at LED Equipped, we carry models from Single Row Led Light Bar 12 to 60 inches in length. However, there are a few important things to keep in mind when choosing the right size for your vehicle.

You should consider the dimensions of your hood, bumper, or other parts of your Jeep when choosing the length of your light bar. In addition, you should measure the spot where you plan to mount the light bar to make sure that it will fit.

Another consideration is the amount of light you want to emit. There are a few different options available, including a combination of both flood and spot beams. Some options include a strip of white LEDs and an amber strip, which are ideal for use in snowy or foggy conditions.