Cotton Tissues – Eco-Friendly Alternative to Handkerchiefs and Single-Use Tissues

Cotton Tissues – Eco-Friendly Alternative to Handkerchiefs and Single-Use Tissues

Cotton Tissues

Cotton Tissues – Eco-Friendly Alternative to Handkerchiefs and Single-Use Tissues

Our cotton tissues are a eco-friendly alternative to handkerchiefs and single-use tissues. They are soft on your nose and hands, lint-free, odor-free, chemical-free, and contain no fragrances.

Winner cotton tissue is made of 100% natural cotton as raw material, processed by patented spunlace non-woven fabric process. It is skin friendly, highly absorbent and can replace paper towels, cotton pads, and face towels.

What is Cotton Tissue?

Cotton tissue is a brand of toilet paper made from pure cotton rather than traditional wood fibers. It is softer and less abrasive on skin than conventional tissues. It can be used as dry wipes to clean hands and face or wet wipes when soaked in water. It is also hypoallergenic and virtually lint-free. It is available in a variety of sizes and styles, including small packs that are perfect for travel.

Cotton fibers are long, fluffy staples that grow in a Cotton Tissues boll or protective case around the seeds of the cotton plant (Gossypium). The natural fiber is almost pure cellulose. Cotton is a renewable resource that can be sustainably produced with fewer environmental impacts than other fibers.

The Green Bay area has been home to tissue manufacturing for generations, but a revolution in the industry is underway. Tissues that are made from cotton fibers are now being produced at several plants in the region, including the Oconto Falls Tissue mill and Natures Way converting facility on Glory Road.

The new product is called Winner Cotton Tissue. It is a new environmentally friendly product, which can replace traditional paper towels, cotton pads and face towels. It is 100% natural cotton and made by the advanced spunlace nonwoven fabric technology of Winner Medical. It is odorless, soft like baby’s skin and highly absorbent. It can save energy and reduce carbon emissions and can be easily composted to become soil fertilizer.

How is Cotton Tissue Made?

Cotton tissue is made of 100% natural pure cotton fiber, processed by strict manufacturing techniques, without any chemicals or fragrance. It has high permeability and softness, suitable for sensitive skin. It is also hygienic and clean, much safer than the usual paper towel. It can be used as dry wipes or added with water to become wet towels, and is especially suitable for babies, as it prevents the skin from becoming rough after drying, and reduces the risk of infection caused by bacteria.

Cotton fibers are a product of biology, and like all cells they contain DNA. During the growth process, genes that control things like petal development and root strength are turned off; those that control fiber formation are turned on, so protein is produced. This is what makes cotton stronger and softer than wood.

Tissue products are typically formed from pulps that contain primarily short fibers, since these have a lower average fiber coarseness than long fibers. However, when steps are taken to increase pulp Cotton Tissues average fiber length, the desired improvement in tissue product softness often comes at a cost of decreased tensile strength and other sheet properties.

In the present invention, cotton fibers are selectively incorporated into one or more layers of a multi-layered tissue web to help improve softness without adversely impacting other physical characteristics of the final tissue product. In particular, the present invention relates to a tissue product having an inner layer of a three-layered web that includes a blend of wood fibers and cotton fibers.

What are the Benefits of Cotton Tissue?

Unlike traditional tissue paper, cotton tissues are 100% biodegradable and do not contaminate waterways. This type of tissue is also lint-free, odor-free and hypoallergenic, making it a great choice for babies and sensitive skin. Additionally, cotton is an environmentally friendly material that can be composted to produce new products or used as a soil enhancer.

Winner cotton tissue is made of pure natural cotton fiber using the professional cotton spunlace nonwoven fabric process, with high-pressure steam sterilization. It is soft and hygienic, with good water absorption and no chipping. It is a new kind of environmentally friendly facial tissue, which replaces paper towels, makeup remover cotton and face towels.

It is as thick as paper towels, yet softer and a lot more absorbent. It is also more durable and does not cling to hair or leave strange fibers behind when wet. This makes it a great alternative to traditional face tissue for use in baby care, surface cleaning and kitchen cleanup. It is the best choice for sensitive skin because it is lint-free, odor-free, hypoallergenic and free of chemical fibers.