Considerations for a Custom Laser Cutting Machine

custom laser cutting machine

If you want a custom-made laser cutting machine for your business, here are some considerations you should make: Focal point of the lens, XY gantry, and gas supply. The first one is the most important, as it will determine the precision of your cut. The second one will help you determine how to optimize your cutting process. The third consideration is safety. The machine should be able to safely stabilize metal sheets.

XY gantry

XY gantry laser cutting machine is a good choice if you are looking for a laser engraving machine that can handle thick materials and large profile. This machine can cut materials of various thickness and has a large work bed. The CO2 laser offers high speeds for engraving and perforating thin materials, while the XY gantry allows you to process thicker materials. The combination of both gantry laser and galvanometer laser allows you to complete all machining needs with just one machine. It will save you the trouble of transferring materials and adjusting their locations, as well as the space needed to accommodate two separate machines.

XY gantry laser cutting machine features a mechanical system that allows you to precisely move the laser head over your material. The cutting head moves along the XY gantry with a belt or chain. It needs to be focused on the material surface to achieve the best cut. To do this, all laser cutting machines have a focusing procedure. This process is necessary to ensure that the laser beam hits the surface of the material.

Focal point of lens

When you are cutting a focal length of 4″ or less, the distance from the lens to the wood board should be adjusted to match the actual focus position of the laser beam. If you have a wood board that is too thick, you can purchase a modified nozzle. In general, however, the distance should be sufficient to cut a wood board of that thickness without causing any damage to the lens.

Using a for lens fabrication requires a higher level of expertise than that of an average cutter. This machine’s software will help you define the focal length accurately, based on your desired cut depth and project materials. You should also consider the focal length of the lens, as this is essential to the quality and precision of your product. This machine can cut all types of materials, including glass, and be used on an industrial scale.

The cutting head is mounted on an XY gantry, a mechanical system that allows it to move the laser head over the work piece. The laser beam’s high intensity heat can weaken the surface of the material, forming the desired cut. To achieve this, a cutting gas is also used, known as an assist gas. It protects the focusing lens, cools the focused beam, and sometimes helps expel the melted material out of the kerf.