Card Reader Rollers For Wincor ATMs Are Available From Electro Magnetic Components

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If you need to replace the card reader rollers of a Wincor ATM, you can do so by replacing them with those from an EMC ATM. These parts are available for different models, and here you’ll learn about them: Card reader rollers, Magnetic head assemblies, and Electro Magnetic Components (EMCs).

Electro Magnetic Components (EMC)

If you’re looking for replacement parts for your ATM, consider buying them from Electro Magnetic Components (EMC). This global supplier of specializes in magnetic card reader heads. The company sells magnetic read heads for ATMs, POS terminals, and maintenance. The website includes pictures and part numbers so that you can easily identify the right part for your ATM. The company’s customer service team is dedicated to solving your ATM problems and getting your cash flowing again.

The EMC standards are the most widely accepted standards for determining the EMC performance of These standards are developed to reduce EMI, which is a form of unwanted electrical noise. In order to make sure that your ATM is free from EMCs, you should make sure to select a suitable device. Choose one with a high resolution. Ensure that the device you’re using is capable of withstanding EMI.

Longtop Group

Wincor Longtop Group is a diversified multinational corporation that manufactures and distributes and whole machines in over 50 countries. Founded in 1989, Longtop Group has a global presence with offices in the US, Europe, Latin America, and Africa. Longtop Group ATM parts and ATM spares are available for all models of cash machines and ATM hardware from many leading brands, including Omron, Fujitu, and Nautilus Hyosung.

Card reader rollers

Card reader rollers for Wincor ATMs are available from Electro Magnetic Components, an ATM spare parts manufacturer. Electro Magnetic Components assigns part numbers to its rollers to ease ordering. You can purchase individual rollers or a complete replacement roller kit. Here are some of the main parts to look for. If your ATM has rollers that have deteriorated, it may be necessary to replace them.

The throat portion 22 comprises two sensors that detect bank cards and credit cards. If the card is present, the common plate 51 is raised. If it is not, the optical barrier 86 is partially or completely blocked. This results in the measurement intensity being below the alarm level 102. An alarm signal is generated by the system and relayed via the electrical output 94. Once the ATM card is detected, the rollers will automatically open to detect the presence of the card.

Magnetic head assemblies

If you are looking for a replacement ATM card reader head, you may have come across the name Electro Magnetic Components. EMC specializes in magnetic card reader heads. If you need to replace an existing ATM card reader head, they offer both HiCo and LoCo heads. EMC ATM spare parts are always available in stock and can often be shipped overnight. You may also wish to see their pictures and find out more about their parts.

EMC has been manufacturing magnetic card reader heads for over 30 years and has evolved to meet the ever-changing ATM spare parts market. They focus on ATM parts for NCR, Diebold, and Wincor machines. In addition to these parts, EMC also stocks magnetic heads from Fujitsu, Tranax, Nautilus Hyosung, Hantle, and Triton. They can provide you with the exact replacement ATM card reader head you need.