Brand Packaging Carton Customization

Brand Packaging Carton Customization

Brand packaging carton customization

Brand Packaging Carton Customization

Embedding printed marketing materials into your packaging gives consumers a deeper connection to the brand. This approach, known as “packvertising,” can boost sales and connect your brand to specific values.

Pakible offers digital printing that allows you to produce multiple designs quickly and at low cost. Flexo and Litho printing are more traditional methods that require expensive tools and long production lead times.

Customization Options

While beautiful packaging is important, brand cartons should also be functional and aligned with your company’s values. Consider adding printed marketing collateral within your boxes that customers can use later, such as a sticker they can affix to their daily accessories or a flyer that can sit on their kitchen counter. You can even incorporate digital components, such as QR codes, into your packaging to provide a more holistic experience with your brand.

Color is another way to enhance your product packaging and support your brand messaging. The right colors can increase purchase intent, boost customer loyalty, and resonate with buyers’ emotions. For example, a packaging study found that blue can increase the perceived value of a product and make it more appealing to buyers.


A variety of materials can be used to add value to packaging and tell a brand story. For instance, adding decorative effects or connecting the packaging to values like sustainability can create a sense of exclusivity for a product and encourage consumers to seek it out.

Another option is to use variable data printing to offer personalized messaging. While some might fear this could dilute a brand’s visual narrative, it can be a great way to Brand packaging carton customization connect with consumers and highlight the unique qualities of your products.

Mailer bags are also a low-cost option for customized packaging. These are a good choice for non-fragile or already-protected products. They can have a company logo, tagline, text, color, or design incorporated into the bag. They are usually made from polyethylene or kraft paper. These can also be printed with QR codes, hashtags, and barcodes that lead to web-based content, which expands the customer’s experience with a brand. This is a great way to build loyalty and extend the reach of a brand’s marketing efforts. Adhesive tapes are another option for customizing cartons. These can be printed with a company logo or message and are often found on the boxes of e-commerce retailers.

Printing Methods

It’s important to think about your printing method early in the design process. This will give you an idea of costs and timeframes and help your designer prepare files. Choosing an experienced printer with a good reputation will ensure your product gets high-quality, consistent printing that stands out on the shelf. They will be able to provide you with dieline templates for your packaging that can easily be shared with your designer.

Lithographic printing, also known as litho-lamination or offset printing, is a popular option for high-end packages. It allows for a wide range of designs and colours, including full-colour photographic-quality images and details. It’s most suitable for highly detailed, large-run packaging, like books and magazines.

Digital printing is another common choice for creating branded packaging. It works much the same way as your home or work printer, reproducing digital prints to print onto the package. Typically, you’ll add a small amount of extra space around the edges of your designs (known as “bleed”) to make sure your design is printed all the Brand packaging carton customization way to the edge of the package. This helps prevent gaps and tears when cutting the finished product.

Silkscreen printing is another popular method for producing branded packaging. It uses a polymer mesh to act as a stencil for the ink, which is then transferred using a squeegee onto the packaging. This technique is great for local advertising, such as posters and signs, and is a cost-effective option for smaller print runs.

Packaging Design

Whether customers are looking at your product in stores, viewing images online or receiving their purchase at home, the details of the packaging can make or break the first impression they have of your brand. Whether you’re a start-up with a small budget or a major player with a big budget, there are affordable options to make your packaging look great.

One important factor to consider is your brand’s color palette. Using a specific set of colors for all your products will help them to look consistent and connected to each other. It also helps to keep in mind the other brands that you compete with and how they design their packaging. It’s not necessary to copy them exactly, but knowing what they are doing can give you ideas on how to better your own packaging designs.

Your choice of font is another aspect that can influence the tone and feel of your product packaging. Script fonts like Lobster and Lucinda can make your packaging feel elegant and luxurious, while serif fonts can feel professional and traditional.

Finally, consider the size and dimensions of your product when choosing a packaging box. It’s important that the box is large enough to protect the product, but not so big that it’s bulky and unwieldy. You should also be aware of any industry-specific guidelines for your packaging, such as barcodes, nutrition labels and association marks.