Brand Packaging Carton Customization

Brand Packaging Carton Customization

Brand packaging carton customization allows businesses to create a unique, personalized experience for their clients. This can snowball into customer loyalty and sales.

Choosing the right colors, materials, and print options for your product packaging can convey additional values and messaging to consumers. This is particularly true for folding cartons.


When designing custom packaging, it’s important to remember that color is a crucial part of brand identity. The colors you choose for your product’s branding tell a story about your company, and Brand packaging carton customization can make or break whether buyers will purchase it.

To get the best results when creating a new package design, consider your target audience’s characteristics, including age group, gender, economic status, and cultural preferences. You may also want to consider the mood you’re trying to convey. For example, red packaging is often associated with passion and energy, while blue symbolizes peace and reliability.

Packaging colors are also a great way to distinguish your brand from the competition. By choosing a color that is unique or different from your competitors, you can attract more attention and increase sales. A good idea is to draft multiple designs, and then select a color that stands out.

Another way to differentiate your brand from the competition is by using a monochromatic color palette. This type of color scheme allows you to be more creative with your design and provides more flexibility when it comes to custom printing. It is also a great choice for eco-friendly packaging because it is easy to print in CMYK.

Changing your packaging color can be risky, but it can be the key to attracting a new audience or increasing sales. However, you should always make sure that the color change will be beneficial in terms of profit before making a big investment. For example, Spotify considered 5,000 shades of green before choosing the right shade for its new logo.


When it comes to attracting consumers, the shape of your packaging is important. It should reflect what you’re selling, but also be smart and utilitarian. For example, a lipstick container should be small enough to fit easily into the hand but not too small to be difficult to open.

Moreover, the design should be unique and distinguishable from other containers. For this reason, many companies choose to work with custom-shaped molds. Visonpack, for instance, offers a variety of creative shapes for cosmetic packaging such as pen-shaped lipstick containers and Girl eyeliner packages.

It’s also possible to get your boxes in shapes associated with events like heart-shaped for Valentine’s Day, tree-shaped for Christmas, animal-shaped for World Animal Day, or egg-shaped for Easter. These shapes are great ways to get your brand into people’s subconsciousness and build a positive image for your company. Additionally, they can encourage word-of-mouth marketing and boost your sales.


Customizing the material of your packaging is another way to emphasize your brand’s values. While cardboard is the standard for primary packaging boxes, you can experiment with different materials to find what’s best for your product and brand. For example, adhesive tapes are a popular method of customization that combines form and function. Printing your logo on the tape adds visual appeal, while also serving as a seal for your box.

You can also consider connecting your packaging with the digital world by incorporating QR codes or hashtags into your design. This will allow consumers to access websites, social media, or apps that enhance their experience with your brand.


Custom printed packaging is a great way to brand your products and reinforce your company’s image. It creates a personalized experience for buyers and demonstrates that you care about their buying experience, which builds long-term connections with customers. Whether you’re a massive corporation or a small self-starter, there are many different printing options available to fit your needs. To make the right choice, consider your budget and the design you want to use.

Digital printing is the most popular choice for branded boxes because it offers high-definition printing with a short lead time. It uses a direct-to-surface method to print your design, making it ideal for small orders with intricate details. It’s also a good option for Brand packaging carton customization large orders, as it can produce several colors simultaneously. It’s a good choice for packaging that requires high-resolution images, but it’s not a good option for complex designs that require a lot of detail.

Lithographic printing, also known as litho, is the most expensive printing option for folded carton boxes. It involves carving a design into an aluminum plate and rolling it through a rubber blanket, which applies ink to the surface of your package. It’s the best choice for premium packaging and can be used to add PMS colors. It also allows for high-quality, magazine-quality prints.