Backlit SEG Fabric Lightbox

Backlit SEG Fabric Lightbox

seg fabric lightbox

Backlit SEG Fabric Lightbox

A backlit seg fabric lightbox is a display that illuminates printed graphics from behind, accentuating and magnifying every color detail. To achieve the most dramatic results, your graphic must be printed on special media that is intended for backlit applications and your light box must evenly distribute the right amount of light.


These backlit fabric light boxes are a great way to draw attention to your brand, product or service. They feature an attractive frameless design that is ideal for a variety of spaces and applications, including retail stores, office lobbies, health and medical facilities, exhibitions and trade shows, and art galleries.

They come in a variety of sizes, making it easy to find one that fits your space. They also come in different finishes, so you can choose the perfect one for your unique project or space. Additionally, these light boxes use a durable LED technology that ensures illumination is dispersed evenly over the entire fabric graphic.

The SEG frames are designed for SEG silicone edge graphics, which are stretch fabrics printed with dye sublimation and then sewn around the extrusion. The silicone strip tucks into channel groves on the frame edges, which creates a sleek, frameless look. The lighted fabric displays have a soft and sophisticated appearance and are wrinkle resistant, providing excellent color saturation. They are ideal for high-end environments, and they can be stored easily without fear of damage.

The Charisma Single Sided LED SEG Fabric Light Box ships knocked down to make shipping inexpensive, and it’s simple to assemble in minutes. It has a channel on the back for a white backing fabric that acts as a reflector to minimize light leakage through the back of the frame. It’s available with either front or back graphics.


Fabric light boxes are a great option for indoor backlit displays, offering a smooth and sophisticated finish and more depth than traditional rigid signage. They also come with the added benefit of being washable and can be reused, reducing costs. They are available seg fabric lightbox in a wide range of sizes and can be used in airports, offices, healthcare environments, trade shows and even your living room. They are also a great way to attract customers or visitors into your retail environment.

A SEG fabric light box consists of an aluminium extrusion frame kit and a SEG tension fabric graphic that is slotted into the frame to give a seamless appearance. The graphic is printed using a dye sublimation process on premium TriFab stretch fabric, with silicone edging, and is finished off with the frame, which can be wall-mounted or ceiling suspended. This system is extremely durable and comes with a lifetime warranty on the frame and graphic.

The SEG light box system uses a backlit LED strip with a high lumen output to illuminate the SEG push-fit fabric graphic. This creates a bright and attention-grabbing display. It’s seg fabric lightbox also easy to set up and requires no tools. The SEG fabric graphics are printed in-house with advanced dye sublimation technology. This allows for exceptional image quality and density, resulting in crisp, vivid color that’s enhanced by LED lighting.


Whether you’re looking for a backlit fabric display to brighten up your retail environment or a stunning trade show booth, SEG Fabric lightboxes are highly versatile and easy to install. These LED illuminated displays ship knocked down to make shipping inexpensive and can be assembled in minutes. They’re available in both single-sided and double-sided designs as well as custom sizes and configurations. They can be free-standing with swivel lock feet, wall mounted or suspended and feature a thin profile option for ADA compliance.

Fabric SEG displays are a great way to showcase your brand and attract customers at your event or exhibition. They’re designed to hold edge-to-edge, dye-sublimation printed SEG push-fit graphics and backlit lighting that illuminates the entire graphic. They’re available in both free-standing and wall mounted styles and can be used as either a backlit or front-lit exhibit.

They offer unique durability and illumination that is not possible with a traditional snap frame design. In addition, they can be used for a variety of applications, including lobbies and reception areas in office buildings and corporate spaces. Unlike other forms of signage, they create a vivid dimension that makes your marketing stand out in any room. They’re also very portable, making them a great choice for businesses that need to swap out their marketing on a regular basis.


Whether mounted, freestanding or ceiling suspended, these LED backlit fabric displays are designed to dazzle. They can be used to promote a new product or service or even just to show off your logo. They’re ideal for exhibitions, events circuit and most popular in retail showrooms. They are also perfect for offices, lobbies and living rooms as illuminated wall displays.

These framed lightboxes are available in various sizes from 36”x48” to 96”x120”. They are made using extrusion frames that fold together for tool-less assembly and are compatible with the innovative LightWire SEG Electrified Hanging Cable system that allows you to hang them without visible power cords. They are made in the USA and are UL certified, with each segment of the frame individually identified.

SEG (silicone edge graphics) fabrics are durable and wrinkle resistant. They’re easy to change out and take up much less space than rigid graphics, making them more cost effective. They also come with a one year manufacturer’s warranty.

Unlike traditional light box displays, these fabric displays are made of flexible material that conforms to the shape of your display, giving them an attractive and upscale look. They also allow for the lighting to be easily adjusted, from dim to bright. These are the most cost-effective, high-quality illuminated displays on the market today. Their sleek design and easy assembly make them ideal for use in trade shows, event booths, retail showrooms and many other venues.