ATM Parts – The Differences Between Types of Read/Write Heads

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If your ATM is requiring a replacement head, check out the many different options available for Magnetic read/write heads. Magnetic heads are commonly used in ATMs, and these are high-quality, US-made replacement parts. If you’re in need of a new head for your ATM, don’t worry – Electro Magnetic Components has what you need. Our ATM spare parts are always in stock and available to ship the same day.

Magnetic heads

If you are in need of, Electro Magnetic Components is a reliable source to purchase these items. We specialize in magnetic card reader heads and other ATM equipment parts. Moreover, we can supply the you need for POS, maintenance, and replacement. We provide pictures of our parts and let you know the exact part number. We also offer ATM parts from leading brands. For your convenience, we also provide OEM services and spare parts.

Magnetic read/write heads

A hard disk’s read/write head is a part of the hard disk. The head moves over the disk’s platter, transforming an electrical current into a magnetic field. There have been many advances in the design of disk read/write heads over the years, but despite the advances, some parts remain unchanged. Listed below are the differences between the different types of read/write heads:

NCR HiCo read/write head assemblies are known as IMCRW or MCRW. These parts are typically marked with a black band around the flex cable. However, the two types of read/write heads cannot be interchanged. You can find detailed diagrams of each of the two types of assemblies on the NCR HiCo website. To make an informed decision about which type of head is best for your machine, you can start by understanding which assembly is responsible for the particular card reader.

Magnetic heads for ATMs

Magnetic heads are the heart of any ATM. These parts are responsible for reading and writing magnetic data from cards and other devices. Magnetic read heads for ATMs are available in ICM 300 and 330 versions. Pre-read and write heads are also available. Magnetic heads for ATMs can also be used in POS terminals. EMC is a global supplier of ATM parts, including magnetic read heads and magnetic heads for ATM maintenance.

Standard cleaning cards for swipe readers, mechanical insertion readers, and swipe atms are available in the market. They are safe and effective in removing contaminants from magnetic heads. During long use, cards carry sweat and dirt, which can contaminate the card reader. Using the pre-saturated cleaning card to clean magnetic heads is a good solution. ATMs must be kept clean and free from contaminants to prevent them from affecting the functionality of the terminal.