ATM Parts Supplier

ATM parts supplier

When your ATM breaks down, a good supplier can help you get your machine back in working order. They can offer obsolete and piece parts and only sell complete modules when they are necessary. They can also supply preventative maintenance kits. These preventative maintenance kits will address common weak spots in an ATM’s components. ATMs can be expensive to repair, so it’s worth getting a spare part from a supplier you can trust.

TestLink is an ATM cassette tester

ATM cassettes are an integral part of a modern bank, and a well-configured machine will prevent costly errors and downtime. TestLink, a leading ATM cassette tester supplier, has developed a tester that helps banks configure NCR ATM cassettes correctly. Broken cassettes can be very costly and result in a severe financial loss. The automatic cassette tester helps banks to identify any problem and prevent it. Alternatively, they can choose to purchase a new machine to replace their old one.

A TestLink ATM cassette tester will make sure that the ATM’s cash cassette is properly configured, preventing dispensing errors and preserving the reliability of ATMs. The device also checks for low cash sensors and shutter mechanisms, which are two of the most common causes of cash cassette failures. The device will ensure that the ATM is never empty, a crucial factor in maintaining a smooth and efficient ATM service. As a leading ATM cassette tester supplier, TestLink provides high-quality products and services that save customers money and improve their bottom line.

TestLink offers a support system

Established in 1989, TestLink is a specialist in ATM remanufacturing and parts supply. The company has now acquired Airis ATM Technologies in Cincinnati, Ohio and employs over 120 people across Europe. The company is an ethical employer, employing environmentally responsible methods of production. The company’s Managing Director, Greg Hughes, has extensive experience in the field of ATM repair and refurbishment. The company has a strong commitment to protecting the environment by increasing the reuse of ATM equipment and reducing the associated waste.

TestLink has experienced rapid growth during 2010 and continues to expand internationally. The company has recently expanded its support system and has invested in new technologies. This includes an easy-to-use support system for suppliers. They also offer preventative maintenance kits to improve ATM reliability. TestLink also offers a variety of parts and support for the next-generation of ATMs. In addition, it offers parts, training, and inventory services to help its customers improve their machines.